What Kind of Flies Do You Tie?

Fly Tying
by lx-88

What Kind of Flies Do You Tie?

Fly tying is a creative art form. For some, it is a means of relaxation. You can lose yourself in developing a new fly, or recreating a vintage one. You will find some fly tiers have a unique ability to recreate nature by creating bugs, small fish patterns or maybe some plants that fall into the water and feed the fish.

Fly Ties for Show or for Fishing
There are two types of fly tiers. Some tie flies for show. They prefer to mount them. Just as an artist frames his work, some fly fishermen prefer to frame their work in a mount. You may have even seen the flies displayed in home offices and businesses.

The other type of fly tier is the angler. He likes to make flies to use. His flies do not get mounted on some wall for all to see. His flies are for use. To him, a fly is only as good as the fish it can catch.

Art of Fly Tying
The true artist is just that, a true artist. The talent of some fly tiers has amazed me. The intricate designs they create on such a small scale is amazing. How they can create such lifelike flies is beyond my comprehension.


Just as some artists sell their art to make a living that is true with fly tiers, as well. These artist can come from anywhere in the world. Fly tying is not just limited to the United States. It is truly a word-wide sport. In fact, I have met a fly tier from Bosnia who travels the country displaying and showing his flies. You can find these types of fly displays in fly shops from time to time.

Sharing the Artwork of Flies
Additionally, fly tiers enjoy the camaraderie of sharing their fly tying with others and have clubs where they show and exchange their flies. They shares flies with others, enjoy sampling other’s creations, and often collect other people’s work. These people use the flies as well. It is like playing chess over the mail. You send out your fly to others and they send you back some of theirs. These types of clubs are springing up all over the world.

Fly Tying for Fishing
The second type of fly tier is the tier who ties flies for the sport of fly-fishing. It has been said a good fly has to catch an angler before it can catch a fish. It does sound funny, but there is a lot of truth to that.

There is nothing quite like the satisfaction that comes when you catch “the big one” on your own fly. It sends a wave of accomplishment through your body when something you made outwits nature.

Start tying flies and see what kind of fly tier you are. You just may be surprised at the results.

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