Tying the Rotenon Fly (Variant) Salmon Fly with Davie McPhail…

Tying the Rotenon Fly (Variant) Salmon Fly with Davie McPhail
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Fly fishing big Atlantic salmon in the Alta river, Finnmark, Norway. Beautiful surroundings. Game fishing in the wilderness. Fluefiske i Altaelva. Litt slapp hand- tailing, ikke helt etter boka. Fly Fishing lessons
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44 comments on “Tying the Rotenon Fly (Variant) Salmon Fly with Davie McPhail…
  1. Sarp3don says:

    Hi Davie.

    I’ve been looking all over after that flour fiber you use for the tail here… Do you perhaps have? a link to where I can get? some of that..?
    Tried some other stuff that looks similar, but I feel it is too “stiff” for this fly..


  2. Sarp3don says:

    Hi Davie.

    I’ve been looking? all over after that flour fiber you use for the tail here… Do you perhaps have a link to where I can get some of that..?


  3. 21380 says:

    @DavieMcPhail Thank you? so much! Beetle is the one i think tying for next season. It seems you can throw any big black lump in river and there´s big possibilities on catching aroun 1kilo fish.
    I´ll rty beetles and big nyphs 🙂 Leeches are not an option, they are not flies 😀

  4. ThomasR099 says:

    great video? as usual, thank you!

  5. DavieMcPhail says:

    Hi 21380,

    I’m sorry to say I have never fished for Chub but I have tyed one or two flies for a friend that does from time to time and the flies he wanted were weighted nymphs and dries. The dries were beetles and ant patterns and the numphs were? hare’s lugs and pheasant tails.. Well done on catching your best Chub ever…

    All the best Davie

  6. 21380 says:

    Hi Davie.

    Have you experienced Chub Fishing? I´d be curious to ask you to tie some Chup flies to det ideas for myself also and to see traditions from other countries too. Strong big fishes, just got my biggest last summer 1.65kg 52cm? 🙂 it was a Blast. Beautiful fishes.

  7. DavieMcPhail says:

    Hi Will (willeh1239),

    The whip finishing tool I? use is a Materelli which I have used since 1990 and still as good as new…ATB Davie

  8. willeh1239 says:

    hi davie
    i was wondering what kind of whip finishing tool you have because my one is cheap and wont work. i have had all the fly tyers i know to have a go using it but there stumped too.
    so im going to invest in a new one because the hand whip finish? is not the best in my view
    thanks will

  9. bilaffan says:

    Hi Davie
    I was? just wondering where you buy most of your supplies from? particularly your hackles and hooks, the local fishing shops around here have a terrible selection.

  10. urbanflyman36 says:

    Davie i know you already do us a great deal of free entertainment ,,, but if it wasn’t to much of a problem is their any chance of adding the pattern in a small piece at the start or the end of the video? in writing as they do in books and magazines .
    i know you go through the materials as you tie the flee but i just thought it would be another good addition to your videos. thanks ever so much.


  11. termite122 says:

    tight lines will be at the somerset show this wkend and have many whole blue eared? phesant skins..they are incredible..

  12. jimjins05 says:

    Tight Lines in Pine Brook, NJ has BE Pheasant skins on hand. I? just bought one for myself and it is beautiful. If any of you are lucky enough to be able to attend the Somerset show, I’m sure they still have a bunch left.

  13. DavieMcPhail says:

    Hi 9200Fabregas,

    Yes I would be? happy to use a saddle hackle…

    All the best Davie

  14. 9200Fabregas says:

    Hi Davie,
    I have a kingfisher blue saddle from donegal angling center. Would that be just as good? for the hackle??
    Many Thanks

  15. Dumassdane says:

    Love your style Davie! I? fish many of your patterns here in Western Washington. I would love to see more of your versions of classic and current spey’s. Thanks!

  16. termite122 says:

    another beautiful fly davie..we have our big flyfishing show starting this fri here in? nj..wish u would be tying there..someday..stay well

  17. txflytier says:

    Hi Davie

    Great looking? fly the profile is great.

    Thanks for the Great Videos

  18. door2yourheart says:

    Cracking Spey style fly, looks very mobile, and classic colour combo!
    Also your Akroyd on the GAC catalogue cover is superb, gorgeous, but i notice that some one? has spelled your name wrong in the credit at the bottom of the pic!

    Grateful thanks

  19. DavieMcPhail says:

    Hi David,

    I bought a full skin of the B.E.Pheasant when I was over in America…

    All? the best Davie

  20. DavieMcPhail says:

    Hi Kenny,

    I bought the Blue Eared Pheasant? when I was over in America but I’m sure Steve Cooper of Cookshill sells it from time to time…

    All the best Davie

  21. TotallyFlyTying says:

    Hi Davie,
    Nice fly!
    Where? did you get the Blue Eared Pheasant?
    Many Thanks,

  22. Kendo2007 says:

    WOW, absolutley amazing looking flie again by the Master, where do you get the pheasant feathers from?

    all? the best

  23. Fecious1 says:

    Catch & Cook only. Killing fish in many rivers makes a stronger? population generally. Don’t believe me? Go to any of the rivers in Gaspe region of Quebec. Don’t believe much of the lies you hear from “watchdog” groups who claim to know better. They have an agenda too and it’s usually money. Atlantic Salmon Federation is the worst!

  24. sindreforfaen says:

    catch and? eat! we are damn vikings we cant keep our teeth out of them!

  25. WorkingClass69 says:

    haha, double as? much fun!

  26. jacksondk2pro333 says:

    man you fucking? bitch

  27. derleineangler says:

    just love to see the evotec? at work !

  28. boatskate says:

    beautiful? fishing

  29. styrkur says:

    Great video…? Thanx.

  30. GRICHENG says:

    i dont see anything wrong with people keeping fish

    I release? though because I don’t like eating my competition(the fish).

  31. derleineangler says:

    nice fish, great tackle lts rod is such? a cool stick !
    loop souljah 4 life…

  32. thomastviler says:

    This? is not an endangered river! Also if you look close you may notice there are no banana trees in this area!

  33. gabryenduro says:

    catch and release? please

  34. bloodyolive says:

    wanker!! Those fish should? be released

  35. comaradella says:

    lemon, salt , dill, a little snaps, and? we got a party

  36. pauldh62 says:

    Sometimes fish have to be kept for eating, sometimes they can be released – we are natural predators and it helps to understand this. I appreciate your exasperation. Perhaps those of a particularly compassionate and sensitive disposition find this difficult to understand. We? fishermen and women must fight our corner, but consigning our opponents to Play Station won’t help.

  37. pauldh62 says:

    A little unfair, I think. I would grant that catch and release is better and he does release on another sequence. It is perhaps easier for? some of us to munch on a bagel than dwell on how it got there, while no doubt many would prefer to do neither.

  38. sako85 says:

    People who can’t see dead fish should stick to Play Station.?

  39. xxxEmmureOwnxxx says:


  40. scottishlobby says:


  41. silverleapers says:

    More dead fish. How many 3sw fish did you guys? kill in those 2 or 3 weeks? Other than that, good video.

  42. Rawfisk says:


  43. phildono1 says:

    OK well done..can’t understand why you friends didn’t help? Heard one say “your on your own now!”
    I suposse if you were on your own you’d have to land it on? your own? Fine fish well done.

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