Tying Flies with Davie McPhail Small Emerger Caddis

Tying Flies with Davie McPhail Small Emerger Caddis.

9 comments on “Tying Flies with Davie McPhail Small Emerger Caddis
  1. yourmotherFer says:

    Great pattern, Great tie as always.

    I was wondering if you could tie some? of the midge patterns you have in the box there?


  2. uvotguy says:

    Hi Davie,

    I absolutely LOVE your flies. Thank you so much for sharing them on YouTube. I’ve? tied a number of your patterns now, and I look forward to tying many more.


  3. Mary Darker says:

    i will have a look at the other videos thanks? davie

  4. DavieMcPhail says:

    Hi Conor,

    I’ll try and remember next chance I get to take my time when? I whip finish the fly off..

    But if you can’t wait I know there’s a few good video’s on Youtube that show the whip finish really well..

    All the best Davie

  5. Mary Darker says:

    ih davie

    good fly will you tell me? how to do the wipe finsh


  6. SophieLovesLeon says:

    davie great fly mate what? would be the best time of year to fish that fly cheers

  7. scolemans says:

    many thanks davie


  8. DavieMcPhail says:

    Hi Steve,

    I’m waiting for an e-mail which I will forward to you and they will have the material..If I haven’t got back to you in a week please get back? in touch…

    All the best Davie

  9. scolemans says:

    Hi Davie
    Can you tell me how to obtain the dubbing you use on? this fab little pattern
    thanx steve

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