Tying a Clouser Minnow

Capt. Corey shows us how to tie this saltwater classic: The Clouser Minnow. There are wide-angle and up-close views of the process.

Striped Bass feeding on spearing and bay anchovies in a Long Island, New York Fall Blitz. For more Fall fishing action on Long Island check out my Montauk video: youtu.be
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24 comments on “Tying a Clouser Minnow
  1. DevinsFishingReports says:

    Thread Using???

  2. 126fun says:

    i just got a bottel of hard as hul? head cement today to tie hoppers its good stuff!

  3. dandotreillydot42058 says:

    my head cement leaked all over my? materials

  4. dandotreillydot42058 says:

    a bobbin?

  5. MrImpala123 says:

    I like the? chickens in the background

  6. buzz kirschner says:

    nice job
    ? buzz

  7. dennis stallings says:

    Looks great,Thanks.I like the? seafoam green also

  8. yourmotherFer says:

    That is called? a bobbin holder.

  9. vilayti1 says:

    does anyone know what that tool is called which he picks up at 00:20 in the video to unwind the? string?

  10. flippintheweeds says:

    tehe? when stripped

  11. tigimitichinator says:

    se15 hook or? sc15?

  12. John Hansen says:

    i see u use hard as? hull head cement. its some good stuff

  13. CompleteSportsman says:

    Great Vid. I’m a novice at fly tying this? one helped alot.

  14. THEflytierman says:

    cool i love the clouser. btw nice vise lol i got a dyna? king ( that just broke)

  15. flyhead2 says:

    A great fly but it is so dependant on quality materials. The bucktail we get in Norway is normally awfull (very coarse and brittle).
    To stop the eyes from swiveling it helps to lay down and cement a complete layer of tying thread. It doesn’t show and is? worth doing if, like me, you’ve had this happen time and again. The only thing that sucks worse is if you get one in your ear….

  16. MClown69 says:

    clousers own! got me lots of fish on? them

  17. crumpton794 says:

    thankyou ? for the detail im new to tying flys and your vid has been very very helpful

  18. ts808heaven says:

    sweet? video. great idea on stiffening the body. Renzetti pro vise, nice. (400.00+)

  19. rigormortis67 says:

    What kind of paste did? he put it on the body(back tail)?

  20. mbi777 says:

    Again,? a nice explanation including a great tip on stiffening so the bucktail doesn’t foul.

  21. illonamacnab says:

    Truly? a great help thanks

  22. CrazyCharlie333 says:

    G’day mate, Great vid!!! What is the brand and model of the vice? you are using?

  23. ImBentley says:

    Where on Long Island is? this?

  24. Petewp says:

    Well if a blitz is a large school of fish and not necessarily hungry then the title applys. Its nicely done but theres a? great difference between the idealic visions portrayed here and them scarfing down a school of bunker.

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