Tying a Circular Shrimp Salt Water Fly

Hello everyone, this video is to show you how to tie a Salt Water Pattern which is known as a Circle Shrimp This fly was tied for us by our good friend Sue Morgan who is known for her Salt Water patterns around North Wales We hope you enjoy this video and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. Many Thanks everyone 🙂
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4 comments on “Tying a Circular Shrimp Salt Water Fly
  1. FlyTyingMadeEasy says:

    @pandreoni85 Hi, I would think it would catch? Bones, we have not tried it on bones, but can see no reason for it to fail, possibly changing to a more subdued colour could help the effectiveness, maybe a pale? pink or peach, although, orange is very much worth trying, Tight lines Trev & Mike

  2. pandreoni85 says:

    Really nice fly very easy to tie! is that? effective with bonefish as well?

  3. FlyTyingMadeEasy says:

    @1267Honey Very good flies on the salt water, extremely effective and not that difficult to tie either, also they? are fun to tie and you can choose the varient of fly which best suits yourself, if you wish you could of course use different colours. We hope you catch really good fish with your flies, please keep us updated with how you’re getting on.

    Trev and Mike

  4. 1267Honey says:

    Very Good Sue. When I get some red? deer hair I will have a go at making one of your lovely flies.

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