Tight Lines-Learning to Fly Cast Part 2

This is a 3 part series on the basics of fly casting. Tim Landwehr of Tight Lines Fly Fishing Co. will help you better your casti This is a 3 part series on the basics of fly casting. Tim Landwehr of Tight Lines Fly Fishing Co. will help you better your casting. (
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25 comments on “Tight Lines-Learning to Fly Cast Part 2
  1. geezusfrek67 says:

    LOVED IT ! I’m a brand new rookie to the sport. Can’t wait to get it, in the creek.

  2. ssstellarj says:

    Great video! I just got back from my first practice session at a park. I had my share of tangles and probably looked pretty sloppy/funny a lot of the time, but after an hour or so it started to come together a little bit. Can’t wait to get back out there and hopefully be somewhat ready for my Mammoth trip in a month!

  3. aznkidsrule says:

    Awsome vid great tip

  4. cdubvdub says:

    after about a hour of practicing, i went to the bow and landed my first trout after about 15 mins. very exciting thanks for the instructional . it was exactly what i have been trying to fine !

  5. Theunknown191 says:

    i wished that i watched this video before i went fishing today. lol. This is a great video. i just now practiced casting it right in my pool with those motions, and it worked awesome thx for teaching me the right way to do it.

  6. iclrag says:

    and the 10th person is a spin caster haha
    actually im learning fly but ive been a spin caster since i was about 5-6

  7. iclrag says:

    whats your opinion on combo spin fly rods? my dad gave me his now that he’s no-longer fly fishing and i have a great interest in it i really enjoy the learning process of fly fishing and i think i have it down pretty good (well good enough to cast properly) and now i wonder how itll compare to a full fly rod, ive used this rod hundreds of times for spincasting and its one of my favorites and now i can learn fly fishing to! very exciting (sorry for the long message, bit side tracked

  8. Val0n says:

    ive been braking my wrist. im used to spinner. thanks for the tips

  9. dcfcruleok says:

    Just started fly fishing here in England these vids are great keep up the good work

  10. winstonian88 says:

    Great video. When he demonstrates shooting line he’s all wrist in his casts, contrary to what he explains earlier. I guess because he’s advanced he can be wristy?

  11. wydog25 says:

    These are the best videos on the web.

  12. Ether6123 says:

    Thank you for the video, very informative and helpful!

  13. StephanieRoze says:

    this is very useful information for me. i’ve been planning on making the commitment of ‘living off the land’ so i need to learn the various techniques of fishing. your fly fishing videos have been very helpful to me and my future lifestyle. thanks!

  14. blrey says:

    Proof that you can’t please everyone….. 9 dislikes?? Thanks for posting a great video to help others with their casting.
    Tight Lines!

  15. awalt26439 says:

    For the basic stuff demo one cannot ask much better.

  16. MrPuffables says:

    these 9 people who dislikes this video probably wears leather gloves, yea you can count on it !

  17. famezo says:

    Very good and clear instruction that is easy to relate too….thanks!

  18. xHAWKSHADOWx says:

    Tim you are a hero. thank you so much! im still havin a little trouble with my shooting line but more practice.

  19. unitaper says:

    what does he mean by “false” cast?

  20. mrkennethporter says:

    thanks so much for this. I am to proud to take lessons . These vids you made have helped me so much. I have been wondering why I cant present well. I cant get the leader to follow the fly line gently into the water. I have been lunging forward with my arm. I will be subscribing to these.

  21. Sulfarose says:

    I’m still having trouble having my leader (?) sorry for the english, it’s not my native language – the last, clear line that’s attached to the fly – clumble up into a messy tangle. The rest of the cast is fine by now I think, it’s just the last finish that needs work. Any tips would be very much appreciated 🙂

  22. viterbocycling says:

    accelerate to a stop?

  23. jpbikerfreak says:

    Thanks for the videos! They’re a great intro for those of us who know zero about fly fishing!

  24. sindreforfaen says:

    exellent been fly fishing since i was 10 and iv looked at many of theese vids and gotta say this is the one i agree 100{3295056c9ca42e03df4d94feaac0847f4dfe1a41b9bfdb90d7a726607f8c5ffa} with

  25. mortardoc says:

    dude thankyou so much. these lessons r helping me so much

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