The Essence of Fly Casting (2 of 2)

Fly casting expert Mel Krieger shows us how to do it.

6 comments on “The Essence of Fly Casting (2 of 2)
  1. Angrypinfish says:

    OMG this video is so informative…? The best one i ever seen

  2. TheIceBanger says:

    The legend! The best fly fishing? instructor ever

  3. iamthegroovester says:

    What an astonishing man. Mel can teach us a whole lot more than just fly fishing, people. The world is a less wonderful place without him around anymore.

    R.I.P. Mel, you are loved and remembered? and I’m sure you’re enjoying some heavenly trout streams just about now.

  4. golfedude1 says:

    Great? vid man 🙂

  5. johnathanakr says:

    This guy? was a legend.

  6. cgooodie says:

    Superb? video cheers Mel

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