The Belgian Csat.m4v

make the toughest casts in the wind with the Belgian cast.

Tying the Lite-Brite Shrimp (Saltwater Fly) by Davie McPhail.
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  1. pwrcstr says:

    Hello from Belgium,I’m a Belgian flyfisher? and have been using this cast for some time now without knowing its called “The Belgian Cast”,I fish a lot at the biggest saltwater trout lake in Europe (Lake Oostvoorne in The Netherlands) and 99{3295056c9ca42e03df4d94feaac0847f4dfe1a41b9bfdb90d7a726607f8c5ffa} of the time under windy conditions,with this cast I can do most of my fishing with a #6 line,without having to switch to #7 or even #8 lines like some do.Nice vid,exellent explanation.Tight lines !

  2. Ko7Ad says:

    These casting vids have helped me a lot!! Thanks!!

    Just a suggestion but cant you guys do some vids on fly retrieving… I get trigger finger on my middle finger after a whole day fishing for predators using a? single hand retrieve and i struggle with double handed, any tips??

  3. DavieMcPhail says:

    Hi Jason,

    The hook I used believe it or not was a Salar size 5 tube fly hook which is made for our salmon fishing rather than for? saltwater so I would recommend any good hook that you like to use yourself..I’m glad that you found the tying helpful..

    All the best Davie

  4. Jake73B says:

    Got to try these -? I am in North Carolina and these look like a really good speckled trout fly. I heard you say it was on a #5 hook but what style hook?
    Learn alot off of your videos, really appreciate you taking the time to teach.


  5. leaperfish says:

    Fantastic Dave!!?

  6. papajuanxxlll says:


  7. DavieMcPhail says:

    Hi ChickenChristoph,

    Just use what you have white bucktail is very good, I’m glad you liked the shrimp…ATB Davie ?

  8. ChickenChristoph says:

    what is the tail on the fly made of? and i love the? fly!

  9. backdraft808 says:

    Excellent? vid, thanks.

  10. DailyGrower says:

    Wow,? thats a great looking shrimp!

  11. antonio999us says:

    Hello Dave, I am writing you from Southamerica and I am a follower of your flies. This shrimp was really espectacular… You are just a master tying flies. I do my own flies and jigs too, and I think that there is a special taste when you have a big catch with something you did by? yourself. I will send you in my next comment one of my videos. Thank you for sharing your tips…

  12. mrgbean says:

    nice fly ill have to try it out? here in oz

  13. Theodifly says:


    Thank you for the answer.
    I´will tie some shrimps using small dumbell eyes like you say.
    I live in Brazil in the southwest region, so I´will try to fish for peacock bass
    using? this shrimp in places where are plenty of freshwater shrimps.
    I´m sure about the succes using this shrimp !
    Thanks again …


  14. DavieMcPhail says:

    Hi Theodifly,

    As Long as you tye the lead on like I did in the video it should turn over, I have been tying some smaller version of this fly and instead of the lead I used small dumbell eyes on top of the shank and slightly round the bend of the hook, this one is certainly worth doing as well..I don’t use these flies personally but I have a friend that works very hard and goes? everywhere he can to catch bonefish…ATB Davie

  15. Theodifly says:


    Very? nice and good shrimp !
    I´will just start to tie some shrimps for bonefish fishing..
    Does this shrimp swim hook point up ?
    Thanks for the video !
    Best regards

  16. txflytier says:

    Hi Davie

    Great looking shrimp pattern. I really like the? diffrent tricks you used while tying it. I will be trying to ty some of theses up.

    Thanks for The Great Videos

  17. jaydunc2k1 says:

    Great stuff Davie, btw there’s some interesting shrimp patterns in Fly and Tie magazine of late, interesting use of lazer printing from the computer onto overhead acetates to make shellbacks in issue4. Thoroughly recommend the? magazine if you travel in Germany/Denmark/Holland keep an eye open for it (or

  18. DavieMcPhail says:

    Hi Christian,

    I used a size 5 Salar tube fly hook, I know this is? not meant for this, but hey it looks o.k to me…ATB Davie

  19. dandotreillydot42058 says:

    Cool Bro?

  20. dennyjr71 says:

    Awesome fly Dave. Since I moved to Florida my lite-brite has been sitting in my material box pretty much untouched (there isn’t? many steelhead down here) Now thanks to you I have a new pattern to tie and fish. Also I love using the new UV activated resins. It really helps the durability of our fly’s without the discoloration of normal 5 min epoxys.

  21. Shetlandfisher says:

    Brilliant fly yet again Davie. Could you tell me where you get the hook from please as its not one I’ve seen? before?

    Thanks, Christian

  22. DavieMcPhail says:

    Hi 13snowgod,

    No I’m sorry I don’t have any new materials at the moment, this fly would be ideal for catching Bonefish, Bass and many other coastal feeding fish..

    All? the best Davie

  23. zofoblues says:

    Great fly.? ty

  24. winks002 says:

    Amazing looking fly. Looks really fun to tie. I’m 1500 miles from any ocean, going to have to try tying a few of these up in case I’m ever near it again. Or might try it on the great? lakes migratory browns in the fall as they are really aggressive, and usually 15lbs. Thanks for the great fly…. Sam

  25. 13snowgod says:

    Nice fly Davie! Are there any other dubbings or materials? you’ve experimented with? Also, what species would you target with this fly?

  26. fisterra66 says:

    Great? fly Davie, very nice and certainly very well fishing. Thank you.

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