The Basics of Fly Casting

This is an easy to understand video teaching how to set up your rod as well as the basics of fly casting, such as the four part cast and false casting.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

5 comments on “The Basics of Fly Casting
  1. firemanrescue says:

    Thanks? for the help !

  2. adi94or1 says:

    nice video?

  3. brillantegenio says:

    I’m? sorry but you are doing tailing loops… A very bad casting fail

  4. Ydaci says:

    Hey this was great buddy, I have just bought new? rod but had no idea how to set it up, ur session was great thanks a lot, will try this

  5. gitRdone12987654 says:

    this? is great, extremely informative!

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