The Basic Fly Cast

Fly casting instructor Michael Hatfield of Three Hats Fly Fishing demonstrates the basic pick up and lay down fly cast.

7 comments on “The Basic Fly Cast
  1. ANIMALMUTHA77 says:

    Great Video!!!!! Very helpful for a beginner fly fisherman!!!! Thanks for Posting!!!!!!

  2. Flyrod4life says:

    Looking forward to try to cast this way. I wasn’t aware of the moving the forearm forward before laying the line down, i have just pick up and lay down, so i hope this will bring me sucess 🙂

  3. threehats1 says:

    It’s just a point of reference.

  4. dashwood123 says:

    I dont know what the ear business is about?

  5. LesTrafik says:

    Excellent job! Great camera angles. Thanks much for posting.
    Two things: 1) I wish I could see the line better in front of you when you cast (lots to do with youtube graphics), and 2) listeners should not fret; like anything else, it takes practice, practice, practice 🙂

  6. browinch8 says:

    hey thanks a lot man that really helps. You made it sound so simple. Thanks

  7. corbinfootball says:


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