Steve Rajeff Winner Best of The West Fly Casting Contest

Steve wins Best of The West Fly Casting Contest

9 comments on “Steve Rajeff Winner Best of The West Fly Casting Contest
  1. LordDigz12 says:

    @tigg3366 Do you also realize youre looking at the holder of the world record fly cast? 243 feet . Pretty sure hes won more fly casting contests then anyone alive. Him and? his brother were regulars since early childhood at the Golden Gate Casting ponds and spent more days than you could imagine learning how to cast far. The casting ponds are home to many of the most important developments in fly rods and casting in the last hundred years. Stuff like shooting heads,hollow fly rods,etc.

  2. Dataminer726 says:


    You do realize that everyone has to use the same rod, line and platform. So he has no advantage over the other contestants. Plus the contest is with a 5 weight rod.

    So I don’t see your? point at all. It is a casting contest for distance.

    As for fishing, Steve and his brother Tim the won the first Fly Fishing Masters Competition in 2003 sponsored by Ford. They took home 30K against all comers from all over the USA.

  3. tigg3366 says:

    I’m not saying he’s a bad caster because it’s obvious he’s good,but there are thousands that can cast better!

    He’s casting at the best and most comfortable position you could obtain. Infact he’s a little higher than his casting target which gives him more distance!

    Like climbing 20 ft up above your target lets say,nothing around you to snag…in this case you can? fish likely all your flyline plus the backing without touching a thing! See my point?? lol

  4. tigg3366 says:

    Are you kidding me???? Best of the West perhaps but even then I highly doubt it!

    I’m from the East Coast,myself included and about 3 of my buddies whom are very advid fly fishermen would easily compete and likely beat this guy any day in a casting challenge!

    It’s onething to cast while standing high above your target zone,it’s another? to do it while chest deep in water! (I practice deep)

    Anyone will cast further when being so high above the casting zone like on this video!

  5. bigjocknew52 says:

    they should make them wade in? water up to there knees

  6. CoolLikePenguinNuts says:

    They should make them cast a giant bunny fly and take down? the barrier behind them. That would make distance casting really interesting.

  7. adi8000 says:

    Do someone know what kind of grip Steve is using ? thumgrip? or V-grip or something else

  8. rushthezeppelin says:

    Sounds like that “new line” they are using? is sharkskin judging by the telltale ZIP!

  9. fishinwflies says:

    Your the? man!

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