Spun Dubbing Brush Fly – BuzFly Saltwater Fly Pike Bass Shark

Saltwater Dubbing Brush Fly – A Very simple, fast and durable way to make flies for Saltwater and Freshwater. You can spin just about anything using a Dubbing Brush Machine. You can evan spin bucktail. This technique will not replace spinning deer hair, of the elegant Hollow Tie of Bob Popovics or the flies tied by Johnny King. It just another way of doing things. I do find that they are very durable with the stainless wire and hold up well to toothy critters like Pike, Sharks and Bluefish. www.Buzfly.com

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8 comments on “Spun Dubbing Brush Fly – BuzFly Saltwater Fly Pike Bass Shark
  1. peltotalo says:

    Followed your instructions and made my first dubbing brush. It? looks great. I think this is a great technique, especially for big pike flies that are easy to cast.

  2. BuzFlyProducts says:

    Thanks. If you need a Brush Machine, let me know.? I not have them in stock.

  3. johnraffaghello says:

    Wow, ive never? heard of making a dubbing brush..great technique

  4. BuzFlyProducts says:

    Thanks for watching. I can get you a? twister, please email me at buz@buzfly.com

  5. BBFlyTyer says:

    I too would like to know where I can? get one of these twister dubbing machine. I’ve checked on different web sites but can not locate one. Any suggestions would be a great help.
    thank you Bruce

  6. Dsexton12 says:

    Whe can i get one? of these twisters?

  7. flyfishingguy77 says:

    Love? your vids, I tie and fish most of your patterns for pike.

  8. WoodRiverTroutBum says:

    Dave, looks like the guy that landed the fish at 2:00 could? use a fishing buddy. Feel free to give him my number. LMAO

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