Snap-T-Cast Instruction for Spey or Switch Rodders

This shows how and when to use a Snap-T cast for the Spey and Switch rod angler. It walks you the movements and shows you what the results are supposed to look like.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Great video showing you the proper way to present a dry fly from an upstream position to fish holding down stream. Learn the stealthy ways.

2 comments on “Snap-T-Cast Instruction for Spey or Switch Rodders
  1. pedroscott95 says:

    when your doing this, dont have your back stroke parallel to the river, gradually increase your rod tips height as you swing your rod and body round instead of rasing its height when its? behind your shoulder. this will increase the tension in your line and load your rod better.

  2. shimanodude101 says:

    great vid-lots of info and to the point?

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