Small Stream Fly Fishing HD Panasonic hdc tm700 You Tube

Small Stream Fly Fishing in Snowdonia catching wild brown trout and sea trout.and all the surrounding nature including a rare white headed blackbird,filmed in HD using the Panasonic HDC TM700 edited with sony vegas pro9,free to use music from song Listen by Tryad.

You can now find Hank on Facebook: Winner “BEST HUMOR” – 7th Annual Drake Magazine Fly Fishing Video Awards! Trout Jousters Presents – The life and times of Hank Patterson, a self proclaimed Fly Fishing genius. His 2.5 years of experience and twenty seven viewings of A River Runs Through It on BluRay have given him little knowledge and great confidence. If you’re looking for a fly fishing guide who will occupy your personal space and fill your head with misinformation, Hank Patterson is your man! Follow us at

49 comments on “Small Stream Fly Fishing HD Panasonic hdc tm700 You Tube
  1. Mnihoi says:

    small trout look like? toys

  2. Lainchoo says:

    todo muy bonito hasta el pez muerto pero hermoso? video felicitaciones Saludos desde Chile

  3. WesternHuntingGuide says:

    Great? film you put together! i really enjoyed watching it, great catches!

  4. bokapua says:

    Looks like excellent Tenkara water, although I’d? agree to a nice cane rod anytime as well

  5. McAnglers says:

    Excelent video, nice place? to fish. Congrats. Christian

  6. novaknole73 says:

    Great camera and mouvie .I also uses a Panasonic TM700 and if you are willing to exchange experiences just? write to

  7. ?????????? ????? says:

    this is great video?

  8. John Waddell says:

    lovely footage im fortunate enough to have this sort of terrain a few miles away the fish? are very similar with the occasional surprise (escapee rainbows havent a clue how they got there) lots of wildlife too . I would reccomend reading john inglis hall for the best treatise on highland stream fishing thanks again

  9. TormesFlyFishing says:

    Excelente video. Preciosas truchas y muy buenos lances.? Un saludo.

  10. kikkerpoinz says:

    The footage in? this video is what I invision my heaven to look like.

  11. Pinekenpo says:

    Your really enjoy your small stream fishing with a? cane rod…this film captured the poetry of small stream fly fishing. I enjoyed the song also. Keep up the good work and tight lines, keep care Bamboo Bill – Pine, Colorado

  12. ImBentley says:

    What flys? did you use, other than the Royal Wolf/ Coachmen?

  13. jokuliify says:

    Very nice video, i love it! nice music, nice place and very? good fisher! thank you for uploading!

  14. stevesnaps1 says:

    Thanks for your comment on handling and care of the fish,i do wet my hands before handling fish and all are returned to swim? off strongly.It’s a very important point you make thanks for posting.ATB Steve.

  15. chevykid241 says:

    Plus the temperature shock.?

  16. ben3261 says:

    man and his? best freind (D0G) such a nice place catching nice litle fish great video!

  17. TheOrmsson says:

    Smallest fishes? i have seen!!!

  18. TonyC911 says:

    try wetting your hand before handling the fish. you cause scale damage which hurt the fish… its like having? an extremely dry patch all over your body… poor baby fish..

  19. indicatorunderfilms says:

    Great video! Have a look at mine!?

  20. Benj3897 says:

    those are some beautiful fish, brown trout are my favorite trout. but you call that fish at 5:04 a sea trout but it? looks like a salmon

  21. bannisterrods says:

    Great video Steve, looking forward to seeing? more.

  22. capracutreiiezi says:

    I really enjoyed? the video!

  23. MrTroutguy says:

    I think that more people should have? the ‘hitler’ mustache. Wonder why that fashion statement went away? lol jk. great video!

  24. Benj3897 says:

    those? are some beautiful fish!!

  25. Kev bot says:

    PMD, a purple? mountain damsel majesty fly

  26. flokijhdfjkvnhsdfjkl says:

    whip it? good whip it good brow bo

  27. DeltaSierra65 says:

    …Golden… Stone… Grass? Shrimp Nymph. Hank, you rule. 🙂

  28. Ride Vail says:

    Love it! Looking forward to? more vids.

  29. TNtreasurehunter says:

    I like it those cuttyrainbows can be dangerous if they? get much bigger than that you guys be careful up there.

  30. telemonster09 says:

    Where does he find? 89 cent flies?

  31. gary duff says:


    How is your schedule shaping up for October on the Middle Fork? I would really like to un-learn some of the nasties I’ve acquired. Man, I need to get it to splash down and get that wave runner effect!

  32. MousemanProphecies says:

    the line is coming out the reel wrong in the? beginning haha

  33. Troutsiders says:


  34. jhawley156 says:


  35. Mainland444 says:

    Hopper with a hopper dropper with a dropper hopper. Works great for .89 cent hoppers and really tricks the? cuttbrowns and brownbows….

  36. Kurt Francis says:

    this is the funniest thing I have seen? in a long time. Actually made my day. Thanks much. I hope there is more to come!

  37. troutman222 says:


  38. Jasonr3981 says:

    Cuttyrainbow that was? more like 24 inches LMAO!!!

  39. Gramlich76 says:

    might as well pack? this shit up.

  40. CaptainSoundboard says:

    This is brilliant.?

  41. goojabee says:

    They must have been your interns then,they shared your extensive ablity of bull whip casting technique and fly identification. Although you made it to a river with you client Jerry, you must not have passed on the knowledge of setting up guide trips in the afternoon? so you don’t have to wake up?

  42. Hank Patterson says:

    Those gentlemen may have interned for me. Was one of them named Jerry? I don’t know any Jerry’s so if one was named Jerry, he was not? my intern, just some guy named Jerry.

  43. goojabee says:

    Hank,Did you used to? work at my fly shop,swear to God I had 6 or 7 guys that talked just like you and shared your expertise and unmatched ability.

  44. Heath Schexnider says:

    the elusive cuttyrainbrown…great? video!

  45. rolyatecnal says:


  46. FlytofishDCN says:

    Funny? as hell guys!!

  47. ladybirdstonewick says:

    Say Hank I think a river runs thru your head. Heeheehee…..Oh? hey I think a trout has your fly.

  48. Bassmaster57 says:

    5 purists really can’t take? a joke…

  49. cookie4u222 says:

    Good stuff Hank, been there with the lost fly in the rocks. Heading to Colorado next week, probably stop at Cabela’s for some extra? flies so I don’t end up glassing the rocks for an 18 PMD I dropped.

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