Shadow Cast Competition

Shadow Cast Competition The 2011 Shadow Cast Competition Do not miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Send us a video of your best and most creative Shadow Cast right now — eternal fly casting glory awaits you! The rules: -You don´t have to be a great fly caster to make a great Shadow Cast. Just look at us… -Your Shadow Cast doesn´t have to be a practical fishing cast at all. Be creative — anything goes! -Keep it short and snappy. -Any kind of video will do. -The J&FF members will pick out the three best videos. -Head judge is none other than the grand Shadow Master and inventor of the original Shadow Cast, Jason Borger! -In addition to massive, global fly casting cred, the winner also gets Guideline Fario 8’6″ #6 — THE ULTIMATE SHADOW CAST ROD. As said in GL’s catalog: ” Great for Spey casts and smooth open loop casting” -Deadline for the competition is October 1st, 2011 -Extra points if you catch a fish with the Shadow Cast If you want to be the next Shadow Master, submit your entry here: May the Shadow be with you.

This is a great video the shows the fly angler the why, where, and how to fish a streamer pattern. Specifically in still water.

16 comments on “Shadow Cast Competition
  1. PAblue123 says:

    and theirs a nice rod a reel that just got? in the water not good but if needed can be done, dont do that unless your ready to clean and dry the reel. nice fish and theres nothing like fishing a streamer for bass

  2. jump5qq says:

    Just curious. What streamer were you? using?

  3. Katrinasey101 says:

    Very helpful, great tips to keep in mind, Thank-you

  4. WBeez says:

    great video,? nice catch!

  5. 98dfree says:

    He looked like he was about to cum in his pants when that fish hit.?

  6. 87CORVETTEKING says:

    you…are? a faggot

  7. 86sith says:

    bass love streamers! ?

  8. Kiwi2Houses says:

    Brilliant. Exactly what I was looking for? in order to learn technique with streamers.

  9. TysterS says:

    Excellent video. Very helpful.? Thank you!

  10. sneakyfellow says:

    damn critics,? go troll elsewhere

  11. sage1wt says:

    or leach?

  12. WillieDellwo says:

    nice vid bra?

  13. t30sxh says:

    Should’ve wet his? hands before handling the fish.

  14. jimjamflyfish says:

    I just began streamer? fishing this year. I think to many fly fisherman pass up this opportunity. I love it because it brings out the big fish. Thank you for the video.

  15. brillantegenio says:

    and so are you

  16. cuffrock7 says:

    what a dork

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