Scandi and Skagit Heads

In this video Jay Nicholas of discusses the attributes and differences between Skagit and Scandi or spey shooting heads. On a grease board Jay talks about the different applications for Scadi and Skagit lines. Sink tips, poly leaders, sizing scandi and skagit lines are all discussed. Rio and Airflo lines are discussed including Compact Skagit, Compact Scadi, or scandi compact and Rio Skagit Flight.

7 comments on “Scandi and Skagit Heads
  1. 31swordfish says:

    get a? haircut

  2. 123HURST says:

    Nicely? done
    I have one question. I notice that on the Skagit diagram at the bottom there is no leader (monofilament) between the sinking tip and the fly. Is this normally the way the Skagit is fished?

  3. STEAMNTROUT says:

    Well done! Nice concise explanation of the difference and use of Scandi? & Skagit.

    Ken Brunskill, Veterans First Fly Fishing

  4. STEAMNTROUT says:

    Well done! Nice concise explanation of the difference and use of Scandi & Skagit?

  5. StcroixNick says:

    So For exemple, I just bought myself a small two hander a? 10’5” 400 grain. This rod was design for skagit style of casting and to use skagit shooting heads. So for example, I might put a 360 grain or a 400 grain Scientific Angler Scandi Extreme shooting head to fit the weight correctly .Am I right ? Pease answer me 😀

  6. Olli-Mikael Vaittinen says:

    Good video. Although i would like to add something, the main reason for me to use scandi shooting heads compared to a multitip / skagit line is the need to really go down. In the spring / high water, i might be swinging 5/3 sinki AFS or even 5/6Sink Guideline short tapers. So for me, these things are a good way to swing these really heavy sinking lines when the sink tip? lines are just enough. Keep up the good work with the videos!

  7. 4moyer says:

    Thanks for helping to demystify spey lines without going nuts on the techno-line geek side. Makes much more sense now. I have been? reading spey pages for a couple years now and got more from this video!

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