saltwater fly fishing in Cornwall for Bass and Pollack

I had a great day fly fishing and landed Pollack to 6 lb. The next day we took the Video Camera. Steve who works with me had not fly fished for 20 years. The…

8 comments on “saltwater fly fishing in Cornwall for Bass and Pollack
  1. IANGHARVEY says:

    Beauty, propper? jab, nice to see what the local lads can do. Ave “E” tried live sand eel ?

  2. fishy3tails says:

    what sort of? gear do you use for this? what sort of weight rods etc..??

  3. sailindude says:

    i thought? it was that

  4. numberstation says:

    Hmmm….saltwater flyfishing…it be the work of the Devil and no mistake!?

  5. Austen Goldsmith says:

    We had great fish the? day prior, bring a video camera and thats the kiss of death.


  6. Austen Goldsmith says:


  7. pascal1900 says:

    where is this in? cornwall

  8. srbmarine says:

    ‘it’s a monster’, lol?

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