Salt Water Fly Fishing Northern Territory Australia

Images in a Northern Estuary DVD by Insight Video Productions.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

8 comments on “Salt Water Fly Fishing Northern Territory Australia
  1. bigchris1995 says:

    how do you drag a barra out of the snags with such lite rods thats some skill right there

  2. calibuso23 says:

    hahahahah..that was paradise hahahah

  3. 92959921 says:

    LOL. Like rs2107 said, why would you want Flathead when you have Barramundi like that cruising around???

  4. rs2107 says:

    Why would you want flathead when you have Barra like that cruising around???

  5. TheAngryFishermen says:

    can ya catch flathead up there Mate????

  6. viper69er says:

    that was awesome guys

  7. nikehockeyrox1 says:

    gr8 m8

  8. docfiles says:

    Wow…fantastic to see those big barra cruising just in front of you…brilliant vid!

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