Salt water fly fishing for pompanos and small permits.

How to fly fish for pompanos and small permits. Lord of the flys.
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How to fly fish for small sharks , What flys and where . Lord of the flys.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

32 comments on “Salt water fly fishing for pompanos and small permits.
  1. tyonthefly says:

    nice vid… pretty water! must be fun on the 6-8wt rods….
    …..check my texas saltwater fly vids…..

  2. beretta32456 says:

    actually its permit that are in deeper water..theyre much more prominent on wrecks and reefs than on the flats…thats why feeding a permit a fly is such a sought after experience.

    and no meats9..haha..pompano dont have any stripes anywhere…good try though

  3. charbcbc says:

    i like your advice , i see too many videos where guys use 8 , 10 , or 12 weights for small fish . totally overkill and destroys the fight . you guys are on point . i even have caught 20 lb carp on a 5 weight , what a great fight !!!!!!

  4. ccewc says:

    St. Petersburg permit?

  5. Landman56 says:

    du, du, du, definitely permit. definitely permit

  6. GSraver says:

    those arent pompano…small permits..nd pompano usualy in deeper water

  7. meats9 says:

    Those look like Permit. Pompano have lines on the side of their bodies.

  8. chaosmongers says:

    so you guys”sidearm cast”? in windy weather eh…..I guess that works so you don’t get whacked with the fly on the forward cast.

  9. SonnyREast says:

    None of those are pompano’s,all baby permit.

  10. Davedog221 says:

    What about the huge sharks that swim around the flats? What weight rod would you use for them?

  11. bassmaster11294 says:

    nice bonnet head, i caught a 55 in last year

  12. captgerryIII says:

    @the swordsman 09 We are using 20 lbs titanium and stainless Wire ,

  13. theswordsman09 says:

    what pound wire do u use? do u use the tooth proof stuff?

  14. Hertsman50 says:

    If you want to catch fish like this then check out flyfishingunleashed[dot com]

  15. kbchoi99 says:

    are the sharks you catch babies or just small sharks?

  16. elbote72 says:

    Good job! I never thought that a shark would go for a fly.
    I like your hat – nice broad rim. Where can I get one?

  17. jakmehoff567543 says:

    Ecellent fly fishing tips tips bud, Big fan of your vids. I see bulls and black tips on the flats when were fishin for Reds a Seatrout. Now I can catch them! Thanks

  18. gibsondrummer says:


  19. charbcbc says:

    those are some mean little sharks!!! good job fella’s !!!!

  20. mmkpeteymmk says:

    If I woud be able to go shark fishing that would be awsome!!!

  21. zekebobish says:

    Hey Capt. Gerry! It’s Zac and Chaz from the fly shop the other day, doing our daily run through all your videos! That night we caught a trout, 2 snook, and a lady fish. I was an honor meeting you and hope to see you again in the shop! Keep up the good work, and when you want to make another run down to Apollo Beach let us know so we can get you that clearance at the plant! Thanks again!

    Zac and Chaz

  22. captgerryIII says:

    Yes for Lemons Bulls and Black tip shark.
    Bonita head sharks are harder to catch with artificial or flies.

  23. Tigerpuffer says:

    I don’t fly fish. If I encounter small Sharks in Punta Gorda, Fla, will stuff like Rapalas and Rooster Tails or Spoons o popping plugs work?

  24. erwinito1 says:

    awesome video… but come on guys.. grab the bloody thing properly.. either above or below the dorsal with a mans grip!

  25. gabezilla1975 says:

    great vid, shark fishing looks like a great time.

  26. BearGrylls227 says:

    i caught a small bull shark(1m long)on bait but fly fishing 4 sharks looks alot more exciting

  27. captgerryIII says:

    The state is Florida in spring and summer.

  28. splatter10 says:

    where are you fishing for these sharks in the flats? what state?

  29. captgerryIII says:

    All the sharks are caught and release in good health. We would never kill an awesome fish like a shark no matter the size for sport.

  30. lilhazard5 says:

    you beter not of killd the por thing

  31. captgerryIII says:

    The two bonnetheads were caught with 8 weight rods (wf8f) line and the lemon skark on 6 weight rod (wf6f)line.

  32. wgpballa3535 says:

    man those are some hard hits. what weight rods are yall using for those sharks?

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