Salmon Trout fly fishing: The Beast!

Salmon Trout fishing at the Douglaston Salmon Run in Pulaski, NY. The big one that didn’t get away. Fishing by KAOS, Fear No fly!
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Fly Fishing for Russian Giant Salmon

42 comments on “Salmon Trout fly fishing: The Beast!
  1. jdm97ek4 says:

    nice catch

  2. kaosflyfishing says:

    Man, I never get tired of watching this footage!

  3. KAOSproduction says:

    It’s a stampede for sure, especially when the water level is down. Hope this year is better. The rough water separates the sportsman from the want-a-be.
    Thanks for watching.

  4. antonloch says:

    looks like a fly fishermens stampede party…. poor river.. it’s a shame……….
    nice fish…….

  5. ssteven3300 says:

    where in the USA is this too ? please can you give me all the information as to when t e season open and how the permit are ?

  6. OMGitsme3335 says:

    @KAOSproduction 9 weight a good weight for a 20 plus pound salmon?

  7. KAOSproduction says:

    Thank you for watching.
    The equipment used was: 9wt 9′ Orvis rod 12lb tippet. Cool stuff!

  8. OMGitsme3335 says:

    what weight fly rod did he,you use?

  9. cdbaby1001 says:

    THATS A FUCKING COHO?!?!?!?!?!?!

  10. darkness14567 says:

    it’s good to fish for salmon… they just die right after laying eggs so it’s a great sport.

  11. gosha355 says:

    ?????!!! ?? ? ??? ???? ???????

  12. admichla says:

    Yeaaaah baby

  13. rackandclaw says:

    Great Video Coach Loren, Grayson.

  14. rangerkevin says:

    Indeed…Headed up Wednesday for some salmon. Here’s hoping!

  15. KAOSproduction says:

    Yes, that’s him. I was happy he allowed the video. Had to go throw Salmon River Booth Camp though! He is good, very deicated to the sport. Thanks for watching. Steel Head coming this November!

  16. rangerkevin says:

    Is that Lauren Williams? If so I fished with him last December. Awesome guide!

  17. KAOSproduction says:

    That’s the song. I thought i found something odd, but someone else found it last year and played it on an NFL commercial.

  18. grig24x says:

    is that “last of mohecans” songs?

  19. KAOSproduction says:

    The big one was stuffed. The small one was cleaned and pan-fried. That’s why the net is used after the fight so the fish won’t die and can be removed from the river. Thanks for watching. We’re going out in November for Steel Head.

  20. Dcavolli says:

    Do you actually eat the fish?

  21. pl0x1nm4rk says:

    nice monster of a salmon XD

  22. truttafisker says:

    very very nice fish..but running like that trying to net a fish, is a bit amatuer…something a 14 year old guy with his first fish would do…but a nice fish..

  23. gangstarphil says:


  24. eexee25 says:


  25. KAOSproduction says:

    Thank you for watching. To answer your question the video is edited and doesn’t show the time it took before being scooped up by the net. The fish was exhausted and the guide netted it so it wouldn’t be dragged to shore and get damaged (it was unusual size for that river). In normal cases you do want to fight it as long as you can but not to harm the fish incase you want to let it go or keep it. If you keep it, it has to be kept on a string in the water and dead is no good. Have fun fishing!

  26. kaldfjordingen says:

    6 guys are just jealus (I DONT CARE IF I WROTE THAT WRONG)

  27. TrundleScopes says:

    Prepares his own flies, Travels across the globe, Lands some increbile fish, and releases them back into the river…..Respect to a True Sportsman

  28. TheKenwiesner says:

    I have never seen a salmon that big AND in that perfect condition in the RIVER before in my life

  29. mrsockeye says:

    I loved this video. You caught some amazing fish, and I love the music with the native tounge. Those are some amazing fish. You can see the sea lice on them in several of the photos. Nice catch and release.

  30. deesir369 says:


    How are you doing man , loving the moustauche .

    I replied earlier not sure if i went through .

    I have watched this film alot over this last year , didnt recognise you, excellent stuff

    They are doing well on the Yokanga this week , seems we where a week too early.


  31. HUTCHtopher says:

    What airline did you fly on. seems airline co’s never have good looking women on international flights anymore

  32. JUMBOpin says:

    wow…that salmon is huge…did you use a kitten as bait…LOL! great job cheers

  33. rodlonger17 says:


  34. ilyakola says:

    nice video Sasha!!!

  35. littlegoobie says:

    put it on a dvd, you could sell shit like this to fish heads like me. You don’t even need to narrate it. just let us in on your days out. ahhaa.

  36. dud3man6969 says:

    They are giants.

  37. santasa99 says:

    MaĊĦala !

  38. salmon967 says:

    Thank you. I just returned from Russia with 3 hours of new material… please stay tuned.

  39. silverleapers says:

    Great video guys! 5 STARS! By FAR the best salmon fishing video I’ve seen on here yet (including my own two main videos!). Thanks! I’m stuck impatiently waiting for our big run of 3SW+ fish in July…this sure didn’t help!
    Will you post another after this summer??? Please!!!
    Hope you get the 50 pounder this year (and warmer weather)!

    The Dry Fly Monster Hunter

  40. shankarrajgopal26 says:

    Excellent, as interesting as you said it would be!

  41. txraddoc says:

    was there that week in Russia with Sasha! It was brutally cold, but the big fish came in, I had 5 fish between 20-25 pounds, not bad considering the conditions of a very late spring…

  42. rogerminost says:

    Intelligent and very watchable. A winter’s dream come true. Well done.

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