RIO’s UniSpey fly line

RIO’s UniSpey is the ultimate mid length, general purpose spey line, with three different style options. 1) A fully integrated floating line is ideal for casters that prefer one piece fly lines. 2) The full floating and 3) VersiTip shooting heads are an excellent choice for casters that like the versatility of switching between shooting heads. This short film shows the UniSpey in action, and illustrates the different models available.

9 comments on “RIO’s UniSpey fly line
  1. brucedesch says:

    Ok great! I will get in? touch with him though! Cheers!

  2. RIOPRODUCTS says:

    There is a limited number at RIO for exactly such situations. If you email RIO’s marketing manager, Simon Gawesworth – sgawesworth @rioproducts. com he will? be able to give you all the details.


  3. brucedesch says:

    Where could I get the bright orange line model? as shown here in the trailer as I can’t find it on your website? I would need such features for video shooting and spey casting lessons?

    Thanks for your reply.

  4. RIOPRODUCTS says:

    That? it is!!

  5. geraldspiers1 says:

    Nice vid Simon, its a? far cry from the dear old torridge.

  6. blackwaterhackles says:

    Dont get too confused on head lengths used for systems, a shooting head can go very long, if you are just learning I wouldnt bother with the the looped versions just get yourself a? hardy mach , the only thing hybrid about the long line is that it has a loop connection, apart from that it is just a mid length spey line, dont worry about loops, if you are have a look at 55 foot hardy mach it will be good for.
    Best of luck

  7. 123HURST says:

    The confusing part is the type of Spey line this is. It’s not a Skagit line, the front taper is too long for that, it’s not a Scandi line, the overall length of the head is 53′ which is pretty long for a Scandi. So that would make this some kind of traditional Spey line hybrid? The video is by no means bad, but it? was made in a “clear if understood” manner and assumes a lot of a priori knowledge. I am trying to learn Spey coming from single hand fly casting.

  8. blackwaterhackles says:

    whats confusing about it? lol?, 3 different lines, 3 different uses

  9. 123HURST says:

    I think the fly line manufacturers have succeeded in totally confusing their customers with respect to two handed? rod lines.

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