Playing a Trophy 20″ plus Brook Trout – Jeff Wilkins Fly Fishing

Client Dan Hale of Burlington, NC, plays a trophy brook trout, a citation sized fish of over 20″. It was Dan’s first time/day fly fishing, he landed 30 fish and had on probably that many more, including one rainbow that was near 25″. Carolina is a great place to fish….come fish with us! Check out more at

Join myself (Mike Kirkpatrick) and mates Tony Entwistle, Andrew Hearne and Jack Kos as we take a stroll into some pristine country for a few days of camping and fly fishing – with even the sun smiling down on us…

14 comments on “Playing a Trophy 20″ plus Brook Trout – Jeff Wilkins Fly Fishing
  1. drawgud says:

    well did he catch? him?

  2. mikefsher says:

    Cheers. 5 and 6 wts normally. Sometimes? 4’s, but large fish can make playing difficult with the smaller weights…

  3. VildmarkBushcraft says:

    Great vids 5/5.

    What size of? flyrod do you use?

    Best regards.

  4. MrAznkid911 says:

    i fcking love? you videos man nice job bro

  5. tytytji says:

    Amazing vid! Beautiful scenery and fish! Paradise, you called. I agree, too! Thank you very? much for sharing your experiences with us!

  6. mikefsher says:

    Hey thanks for that. We have it pretty? good here 🙂

  7. Trouttaranaki says:

    Amazing video, well done. Have? to admit im rottenly jealous!

  8. mikefsher says:

    Yeah, got out local and got into a few 2 days back and saw Enty out today and got into? a few.

  9. mikefsher says:

    Cheers Steve!?

  10. badgerfishing says:

    A slight? change of codes yesterday saw me throwing jigs at kingfish and flies at Kahawai. Hopefully I’ll manage a few evening sessions this week before an overnight trip on the weekend. How about yourself?

  11. mikefsher says:

    Yeah… I’m a glass half full? kind of guy… You been out since?

  12. badgerfishing says:

    Great video Mike! Not so? sure about the sun comment though…it was intermittent at best!

  13. Mark5Fish says:

    Another great watch.?

  14. stevesnaps1 says:

    Great video thank’s for showing.ATB Steve. ?

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