Patagonia Fly Fishing- Fish Eye 3: Big Bow with Mikey Wier

Head out on Mikey Wier’s overland adventure in pursuit of one of the biggest wild rainbow trout ever caught on a fly in California.

25 comments on “Patagonia Fly Fishing- Fish Eye 3: Big Bow with Mikey Wier
  1. 12marcusmunoz says:

    Amazing!? Congrats

  2. murphysp26 says:

    Wow what a? nice catch!

  3. billman1014 says:


  4. vince251 says:

    What’s that bluesy song in the beginning? ?

  5. shakeyfly says:

    What kind of? Truck?

  6. colinf94404 says:

    I know exactly where this spot is. Used to fish Northern Ca. all the time before moving back east. Send me a personal message if you want? the google earth coordinates.

  7. pugilist102 says:

    Nice but…..aren’t there mountain lions in? them hills?

  8. IstealXmas says:

    ending…..holy crap! cool? vid

  9. bugleboyful says:

    Hey man ya? know the best thing about the rod case is it can double as a grafix on those long hikes.

  10. forty9erfan391 says:

    From what fishing experiece I have in? california I believe the river that he is fishing on is somewhere on the upper american river or the Mokelumne river… anyways I’m not too sure but its just an educated guess of mine haha.

  11. awesomnessity1 says:

    By the way, totally understand the secrecy of your fishing spots, and? thank you for the video

  12. awesomnessity1 says:

    Seriously incredible.. Grew up snowboarding and fly fishing the tahoe area and it is awesome to see something as spectacualr as this. Can’t believe I have never realized the possibilities of catching such monster fish in Sierra BC. Have caught a few like this in the colorado tailwaters… but this inspires me to? fully explore the sierras. And that Cut you caught by the way is the best fish I’ve seen out of a river! I thought lahontans no longer existed in rivers!?!?!? you are the F-ing man!

  13. patagoniavideo says:

    The DVD is called Fish Eye 3. You can find it? on the Burl Productions website.

  14. bill7920 says:

    I love/hate vids like this cause I get all amped up to get wet and? then I realize I’m stuck in Ohio with near dead pellet heads! Oh well!!

  15. McIntireConspiracy says:

    What DVD is this? on? Because I will buy that DVD.

  16. kirbypolo26 says:

    who gives… he said there are many? of places to go

  17. patagoniavideo says:

    Sorry folks, it’s our duty to protect the location of the spot in this video. This is obviously a special place for Mikey. Best? wishes for finding – and saving – your own special spots.

  18. hunterman505 says:

    nice video.. where is this place at in california.. i love flying and? hope you can point this spot out thanks…

  19. TheBasicFisherman says:

    nice man? sweet vid

  20. pescadinha123 says:

    beautiful ! just beautiful one day may be ! i’ll be there on the spat if i can find. just unique i love the? stile of fly fishing and catching and release and i also do tying flies but as good as you . nice vid .

  21. chrystallica says:

    Wild trout rule.?

  22. mancinimaximiliano says:

    Increible!!! Me? conformo con la estaciera, y la cabaña, Todo de sueños!!!

  23. switch9 says:

    i love his net. what the hell is he gonna do with that? tiny thing!?

  24. thedcmarketinggroup says:

    So where? is this hole? 🙂

  25. rottylover716 says:

    he good kisser test
    1.hold ur breath
    2.go 2 another video
    3.add? this comment
    4 did u make it?if so ur? a good kisser i did it.

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