Oliver Owens – Fly Tying Saltwater Flies – 90 Percenter – Bonefish shrimp crab

Salt Water Fly Tying An extremely deadly saltwater fly designed by Oliver Owens in Hawaii. This is a friend of mine name Zino, an extremely good fly tyer, but also extremely modest. The fly is called the 90{3295056c9ca42e03df4d94feaac0847f4dfe1a41b9bfdb90d7a726607f8c5ffa}er and is fished with it on the bottom without stripping. The current will do all the work as it will create action through the fox fur. you can experiment with different colors, but this variation seems to be the best. Recipe: olive 3/0 waxed thread Tiemco 811S saltwater hook 5/32 dumbbell eyes Krystal Flash: root beer / pink shrimp Artic fox fur: tan Craft fur: gold This is my first fly tying video, so please send me a message with any suggestions, I would like to make more, but need more input.

10 comments on “Oliver Owens – Fly Tying Saltwater Flies – 90 Percenter – Bonefish shrimp crab
  1. backdraft808 says:

    Your? work is very neat and precise. Excellent video.

  2. AtmaRising says:

    great? fly!

  3. echicky says:

    Thanks loved the? video.

  4. Fishingstyle101 says:

    Scratch the fact that I said I never catch saltwater fish. Just got back from Clearwater, Florida and caught over 35! A new record for me. ESPECIALLY saltwater! Caught 4 pinfish, one being HUGE, a mangrove or mutton snapper, 18 or? 20 whiting, 2 flounder, 2 baby yellowtail jacks, and 6 or 7 ladyfish!!!

  5. Fishingstyle101 says:

    Very very nice. I’m gonna? start tying those if you don’t mind. Even though I never catch saltwater fish, I like to tie saltwater flies:). In fact I’m going to Clearwater beach for three days and I am gonna do some fishing and see if I can catch my first saltwater fish. Besides a pinfish. Anyway, nice fly and keep tying:).

  6. stripsetonthefly says:

    Bonefish on Oahu?

  7. christhemartin says:

    Brilliant way of managing your crystal flash. Ive been tying for a while,? and Ive never seen that.

  8. christieyachts says:

    Great help,? thanks!

  9. GirlLOverify says:

    nice fly what have u caught of? it ?

  10. Troutsiders says:

    Nice! Thanks for putting this vid up. I’m going? to Hawaii for a week next week. Now I have another ammo in my arsenal of flies for bones:)

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