Mel Krieger fly casting

7 comments on “Mel Krieger fly casting
  1. pandaziocha says:

    I love thig guy!!!!!!!
    best teacher ever!!!!!

  2. wayanraja says:

    I wish I had met you in person. A great teacher.

  3. tim3854 says:

    I’m so glad I stumbled across these clips of Mel Krieger on youtube. Just when I’m starting to despair about how difficult it appears his simple and fun approach to it refreshes me and helps me perservere.

  4. phoobarr says:

    ha ha “you old f*ckers”

  5. manifestgtr says:

    even in death, Mel still reaches fly casters of all ages and helps them love the art (if you will) in the same way he does….simple, blue collar, exciting fly casting instructions that could make even the hardest “old fucker” smile….I love it…it’s funny how even though he’s gone now and even though I’ve never met him, I consider him to be my fly casting instructor…funny how life works out sometimes

  6. Troutalicious says:

    A gem and a mensch. RIP Mel. Joe Shmocktapop…haha. Classic.

  7. lineshooter5w says:

    I like Mel Krieger. Simple and direct.
    The video angle on this and his others, and simple examples helped me to see visually, and understand. Thank you Mel, you now have a new student. 5 stars !

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