Master the Scandinavian Speycast with Henrik Mortensen

In this short clip Henrik Mortensen focuses on the Scandinavian Spey Cast and his unique method of body movement and its importance in the cast. In doing so he will show how this cast differs from the traditional speycast. This is a great educational video for first time or seasoned spey casters alike.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

18 comments on “Master the Scandinavian Speycast with Henrik Mortensen
  1. Orriize says:

    This is very helpful for my upcoming salmon fly fishing trip here in Iceland, thanks a lot. Now more time spent with the fly on the water then in the air casting over and over again.?

  2. seatroutheath says:

    Very well done that’s helped? me thanks.

  3. TheNego says:

    Great? video on the Spey and thanks lots Henrik!

  4. BirkaViking says:

    Very nice video 🙂
    Cheers? from Sweden

  5. vreblinz says:

    makes? it look so easy!

  6. PESKAKI says:

    Gostaria de? receber mais imformation…congratulation!!!

  7. TribKid says:

    Hes the fly fishing? guru.

  8. heppyfto says:

    what type of? line setup are you using henrik

  9. Bagjo123 says:

    prob in denmark to.. since he is from denmark 🙂 many danish sites have? a english langue botton to.

  10. jonazmedZ says:

    just search on google….in england they seel and shipp? worldwide

  11. speyday69 says:


    For United States anglers, whom are your contacts or distributors so that we may buy your DVDs.? Thanks.

  12. vreblinz says:

    Excellent, thank you!?

  13. partyhat3 says:

    Especially good advice about having the bank tight behind you and? getting your feet in position – I can see what I have been doing wrong now (I kept catching the bank)
    Top man!

  14. partyhat3 says:

    Very good? teaching – thanks

  15. cruc123 says:

    A wonderful video. I never thought I’d try double hand casting because it seemed too difficult, but Mr. Mortensen artfully and clearly illustrates a double hand casting technique so well and in a manner that makes much sense to me that I’m? actually going to go out and get a Scandi outfit to start with.

    Thanks for posting it, and thanks to Mr. Mortensen for being such a fantastic instructor.

  16. BobbyDufva says:

    Killen? kan kasta!

  17. YouMockMe says:

    what are you talking about? the left hook will? teach that fish a lesson.

  18. kleinermunsterlande says:

    Scandinavians? rule!!!

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