Manic Fly Casting DVD – Chapter 1 – Introduction to Gear and How it

The Manic Guide to Fly Casting DVD is an informative introduction to fly casting by FFF and STANIC Instructor Rene Vaz. In this first chapter Rene guides you through the basics of fly tackle and how it works together.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Great tips for fishing dry flies on a Caddis hatch. Short rod strokes are very accurate for making casts in technical sitations around branches and harsh seam lines. It also makes it possible to throw small reach casts and limit the number of times that you might need to mend your fly line. This was filmed during the Mother’s Day Caddis hatch on the Yakima River. For more information and videos visit our site at or email us at Thanks and fish on!!!

3 comments on “Manic Fly Casting DVD – Chapter 1 – Introduction to Gear and How it
  1. matttheswede says:

    What rod are you using and what action? has it got?

  2. johnniwonton1976 says:

    You make alot of sence in your descriptions and thanks for posting up your vids mate! Awesome stuff!?

  3. etarvannu says:

    what? rod did you have?

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