Maine Fly Fishing – Fly Fishing in Maine for Landlocked Salmon, Brook Trout, Striped Bass, Bluefin Tuna and more. Maine is a fly fisherman’s paradise and what inspired me to create this video.
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8 comments on “Maine Fly Fishing
  1. verdugoadventures says:

    Hey cool video! ? I just subscribed to your channel. For more fun fishing videos check out my channel and subscribe! Tight Lines!

  2. tcoppinger2 says:

    Was that a Hex at? 3:42?

  3. 5tonyvvvv says:

    great vid..what reels are u using?..salt water fly for salmon coming into the rivers is a great experience?

  4. Darkbladefilms says:

    i capmed? there and hated the lake but camp by spencer’s pond or and streams. awsome fishing in ther streams and ponds

  5. loosemink says:

    What a great vid, great shot when the guy strikes the fish and you see the line rise up in the water to where the fish surfaces top work. I’m up in Maine this summer? with a friend from the UK, we are canoeing for 2 wks. Any suggestions where to go for some top trout & salmon? Looking at the Moosehead lake region?

  6. Slinger989 says:

    dude you guys were fly fishing for dolphins i think that? is illegal… haha seriously though good stuff

  7. maineriverguides says:

    The song is a Bostater Cameron Collaberation… Open tuning on the rhythm guitar.?

  8. fliesandfins says:

    MAINE rocks!!? Awesome work on this greg!

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