Lefty Kreh’s casting demo – Part2

Lefty at the 07′ Shallow Water Angler Show in Atlanta. Here he helps a guy with his tailing loop. See more at www.knotworkfishing.com
Video Rating: 3 / 5

What is fly-fishing? How is it different from bait casting or fishing with lures? For more information on fly fishing, please visit this link: www.orvis.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

28 comments on “Lefty Kreh’s casting demo – Part2
  1. DepDirofOperations says:

    I just saw him tonight & he said he was? 87 🙂

  2. wyuiqwe7 says:

    how old? is he?

  3. Grayfisher1 says:

    ? what! dont think? so.

  4. MadenBritain1 says:

    How thick is the line you use because I have line which is 0.40 and 0.45 mms thick is that? enough?

  5. forrestfire12345 says:

    i just spin of the rocks and catch 10 plus big pollack 😛 i think fly? fishing requires a bit more…? i dont really know what to say XD a bit more eligance? XD

  6. JamesGoesOnandOn says:

    I don’t know if this guy is just casting like crazy for the video but in order to catch fish the bait usually has to stay in the water for longer? than .9 seconds

  7. Jip1129 says:

    Go checkout c4fishingteam on YouTube. They fish the canals in Miami and have great quality videos weekly. They also have a couple fly fishing videos with awesome results. Also check out their? blog. It has a lot of useful information!

  8. blacksammohung says:

    but im trippin out on the fact that if fish arent biting topwater how the hell do you catch anything on the flyreel…….but i would try it?

  9. blacksammohung says:

    i would tryt but i can envision the hook getting caught? in my neck on the cast lol

  10. jvickrey901 says:

    in kno how to fly? fish with both my eys closed

  11. FueledByTyeler says:

    @skatercuber4life i’m a 5:00-7:00 fisherman, an 8:00-4:00 construction worker and a 6:00-dark fisherman unless the weather sucks (today) then i’m sitting on the couch dreaming up things like “what if i started fly fishing?” hence the watching of? this video.


    looks like he stepped? outta the movie top gun 😀

  13. RikterZilla says:

    I? like it. Good instructional vid for this Canadian novice fly fisher.

  14. plutoplatters says:

    @skatercuber4life ? so very correct…. indeed.

  15. flytyerman says:

    Guys, can we stop arguing? this video is about fly fishing, not about americans. but many people do not like america because, since of america’s large poulation, has many crazy people like snookie. Most americans are hard? workers. but any way nice video
    ps check out my channel please! i just started youtube and i need some help!

  16. narostar says:

    if? you like fish you will like this video a lot

  17. GTASAMPFlorida says:

    The majority of obesity in America is from African-American woman. I love the jealousy coming? from these ignorant foreigners.

  18. Recon9143 says:

    We “Fat” Americans lmao.. Who the fuck does other countries call? if they need help? America.. Dumb idiots don’t realize who the big bad country is .. US

  19. funnseeker1968 says:

    I like you you? are funny, i like the comment about throwing a fly 8′. The flies i use and some i have made wouldn’t go 3′ they are so light. Fly Fishing is all about presentation. The line lands first,you spook the fish. Present the fly to the fish,your in..

  20. Inspirantist10 says:

    you really have no life. since when did you think of fishing as only a? job? it can also be a leisure activity dude!

  21. StephM1982 says:

    @TheBassFisherman101 Bass are fun to catch, but I guarantee you that a trout will put up a bigger fight pound for pound than a bass especially when they’re steelhead. Plus, fly fishing is so much more rewarding because the places you usually go to fly fish, are coincidently far more beautiful than the places you go for bass fishing. And what’s even more rewarding is when you get into tying your own flys and? catch fish on them. I hope you try it some time. I don’t think you’ll regret it.

  22. jemmktg says:

    You are out in high country. The water is rushing past your waders. You cast in the bend of the river. The fly comes to the bend and wham! The? silver flash, and you see the mouth take the fly. The fight is on. . .
    Jim Montgomery

  23. HyTechRedNeck007 says:

    he is very sexy?

  24. krazzyyo2 says:

    quit cryin you? pussy

  25. Bumcast says:

    Really nice, you’ve put in? a lot of work! and believe me I know what it’s like having just produced a fly casting DVD

  26. dougginz says:


  27. TheNcouture says:

    did you see the speed of the water? ?

  28. laciefacebeau says:

    this guy reels? in too fast

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