Lefty Kreh Fly Casting Principle #1

Lefty Kreh’s 1st principle of fly casting…Check out tons of great free fishing videos on www.fishbuzz.tv

Woman Fly casting caster….Jeong Park … cafe.naver.com
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17 comments on “Lefty Kreh Fly Casting Principle #1
  1. dimebagdarrell2525 says:

    this guy is the best. hes been known for casting a 40 foot leader

  2. Tyfooo1 says:

    nice tips 🙂 My teacher recomened you. she said that her husband worked with you.

  3. Grayfisher1 says:

    Thank you Lefty! you are my biggest inspiration, se Freestyle Flycasting at “Grayfisher1”

  4. Bagjo123 says:

    @gambino888 ye and ricky lake

  5. 63yogi says:

    Legend…..I attended one of his fiy casting seminas in Sydney. I was only about 25, he must have been about 70(?) and he was casting further with only half the rod.

  6. gambino888 says:

    He’s a legend but i think joan wulff is better…

  7. Misfitspball09 says:

    i live near him

  8. andrewh4 says:

    dude lefty kreh is freakin legend

  9. IncisalEdges says:

    Man that was so cool. Ive never seen anyone break fly casting down like that. Also, its like he is using the force when he is casting in different directions.

  10. tyonthefly says:

    great teacher….love his tfo rods… great vid…
    check out my JACK CREVALLE ON FLY ROD vid…

  11. matokuwapi says:

    Well done! I hope you add more of these!!

  12. bouzid69 says:

    double traction superbe . Bravoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  13. johnathanakr says:

    Most Casters seem to put a lot of emphasis on the casting hand/arm and a small haul. But if you watch her closely she barely uses her casting hand/arm, and uses the haul to control the rod load completely. I think your timing has to be perfect, but theoretically I think if you can get it right, you will never over load the rod.

  14. 102neutron says:

    S U P E R !!!!!!

  15. yospina04 says:


  16. fishinwflies says:

    you have the best double haul I may have ever seen. Great video. I would have tried to put this in Korean but the translator I used is terrible.

  17. hugobass63 says:

    exelent video!!! i enjoy watchin’ it and i learn a lot!!!

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