Learn Fly Tying Lesson 8 For Beginners The Soldier Palmer with David Cammiss

Fly Tying Lesson 8 for Beginners. This lesson shows what you need and how to make your own fishing flies. In this fly tying tutorial Dave demonstrates a ‘Soldier Palmer’ and the ‘Zulu’.
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Fly Tying Intermediate Lesson 3. This lesson shows what you need and how to make your own fishing flies. In this fly tying tutorial Dave demonstrates a ‘Klinkhammer’.

50 comments on “Learn Fly Tying Lesson 8 For Beginners The Soldier Palmer with David Cammiss
  1. Glitchhunter131 says:

    can u use egg yarn if you dont have any wool?

  2. MrNick6699 says:

    why does the zulu not have the silver tinge on its body ?

  3. skipperfox007 says:

    Hi, David a nice easy fly to tie. Alan

  4. madaboottroot says:

    the soldier palmer is great in late spring on it’s own, fished slow on an imtermediate line, I caught 25 fish in 4 hours using this method, excellent video

  5. neosporin1231 says:

    Hey Dave i realy like all your videos i am supost to get my fly tying kit on wednesday and wondering what should i make for a begginer?

  6. topflyman says:

    Hi Wandeagle
    Thanks for your e-mail. You are not far wrong! The zulu is a red tag with a brown hackle palmered and secured with a gold rib.
    Happy Fishing
    DaveC.and the Team

  7. Wandeagle says:

    The Zulu fly you tying, reminds me of a Red Tag fly:P

  8. boozey1234 says:

    as long as you can get a nice knot to secure it until you get it varnished you’ll be flying. that thread is goin nowhere when the varnish drys

  9. wardog847 says:

    i find it easier with a whip finisher. you might want to try that also.

  10. fragsarino says:

    excellent series of videos. you make it look easy! thanks for posting. thanks.

  11. Pablogogo says:

    videos are excellent, i wish youtube was around 15 years ago when i learned. Great work.

  12. katorade5 says:

    i would do two or three half hitches then put some fly head cement on it to make it bomb proof

  13. littlebigplanetguy says:

    hey dave im 13 years old and i only started tying flys yesterday i find that its really hard to keep the half hithc in after im done tying it off do u have any tips plz comment back

  14. llathrum says:

    I always wanted learn fly tying, I once fished the waters of Virginia, the James, New River, Roanoke River, and some smaller ones, like Craig and Tinker creek, I live in Alaska now, and Well sir, I thank you. Your videos have given me a clear easy to follow guild on fly tying. I am going to buy the goods I need and get started. You make the art of fly tying look as easy as falling in the creek =D

    Thank your for taking the time to make them.

  15. Deerhuntingman says:

    Really awesome flies.
    what type of hook do you use?
    What kind of feather do you use?

  16. themangaking12 says:

    plees anser im a beginner and need too know

  17. themangaking12 says:

    nice work can i doo the boddy in redd yarn?

    see you gustav h 13 yers old/themangaking12

  18. freetorock1985 says:

    cool flies. great job

  19. sasquatch446 says:

    is that a dry fly

  20. aappio says:

    awesom fly. nice work man

  21. topflyman says:

    Thanks for your many comments. You did ask for my list of ‘must haves’ for river fishing. Traditional flies and spiders.size 14waterhen bloa, march brown, snipe and purple,
    partridge/orange, partridge/yellow, greenwells glory, black spider, diawl bach,g.r.h.e., stickfly.
    Sorry took so long to respond.
    Happy Fishing
    Dave C. and the Team

  22. GAFlyGuys says:

    thank you, you make it look easy, keep the vidios coming

  23. door2yourheart says:

    I prefer seals fur to Antron if you still have it. Also its best if the rib is wound in opposite direction to the hackle, far more secure.

  24. topflyman says:

    Hi Jeter2rocks111
    It would be better to use wool or antron, but if you have fine chenille it might work for the body.
    DaveC.and the Team

  25. Jeter2rocks111 says:

    could you use red chenille for this one?

  26. yvonnebowe says:

    hiya Dave, what a lovely video, I use hare all the time and increasingly parachutes. The best thing about parachutes is that you can see fly and the rise to it and this makes all the difference in broken water with difficult light. Thanks again for a lovely video. Yvonne

  27. Eilir99 says:

    I can’t do the double half hich thing can u do a vidio of that pls thx 🙂

  28. TotallyFlyTying says:

    Hi Dave,
    Its Funny; every one has their own method as to what the klinkhammer should be costructed of and how its tied.
    I first thought that the body would have a problem penetrating the surface film with such a heavy dubbing but then you have copper wire which will add the weight needed and pull the body under. Its well thought out!
    Me, presonally, prefer a Turkey Biot dyed BWO for the body and a light or dark tan throax (match the hatch)

  29. phartattack says:

    David, I’d like to see this fly in action!

    Manuel Z

  30. therealsilkiechick says:

    could this pattern be improvised to imitate the blue winged olive, green drake or other mayflies using the egg yarn for a parachute pattern?

  31. chrissept21 says:

    @gdizzlesfc spin slower and use less pressure

    if you have to pull the to arms that hold the bobbin apart so its not so tight

  32. WEESTRAWZ says:

    your bobin holder might have sharp edges.
    Just get a bit of sand paper or the like and give a few turns inside the shaft of the bobin holder!

  33. robwatchesstuff says:

    check the thickness of your thread, it’s measured in deniers and will be indicated somewhere on the spool. You may want to be closer to the 210 range if you’re starting out..

  34. gdizzlesfc says:

    my thread always breaks. How do i prevent that?

  35. banecabanecabaneca says:

    cool !! good videos!!

  36. gdizzlesfc says:

    very clean, very precise, and very professional, good video

  37. t48iii says:

    GREAT VIDEOS I collected fly tying materials for years and could never find a class near my home. I started tying from watching your videos and now have over 400 flies to my credit.

  38. Graftak01 says:

    Excellent Dave….. keep it up, I even got my 16 year old daughter into flytying after she watched your videos.

  39. whiteboy1298 says:

    hi dave!.thx for the vids.they realy helped me with my flies.I have a request can u post more vids please thx u rock =D.

  40. hughgareth says:

    Thanks again Dave, I get so much pleasure from your lessons, better be careful though as the tying prove to be could be more popular than the actual fishing.

  41. taxalterror says:

    Thanks Dave,What a good video,makes things a lot clearer for myself now.Cheers 🙂

  42. eagleflies2 says:

    MR.CAMMISS i have another question i have seen people ty this fly with 2 hackles at the same time. Does it make any difference if its tyed that way?

  43. andynjane says:

    Hi topflyman, Your a STAR! thank you so much or helping me get my head and fingers around the art of fly tying. I have now even caught my first trout on one of my own flys. Ta very much. Andy Hemus

  44. topflyman says:

    Hi eagleflies
    Thanks for your comments.
    Sorry I do not know much about American patterns. However if you have the materials for the pattern the technique is the same.
    Happy fishing.
    DaveC. and the Team

  45. eagleflies2 says:

    thanks so much this is awsome!!!!!!=)

  46. speycast19 says:

    Hi Dave!
    Your videos are great.I’ve started flytying 2 months ago, and your videos were so helpfull! Thanks!
    Stefan from Austria

  47. andrewgmurphy says:

    I love some of the sayings you have. Ie “Making a pigs ear of it” quality. These videos are really useful. Cheers

  48. topflyman says:

    Hi Jake
    It has been a pleasure to help.
    Dave C. and the Team

  49. jakatana says:

    Mr.Camiss im from México and i wanted to thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience. i´m just gettin started in fly tying and i have to say this videos are really the best intro i could have thank you
    regards from México jake

  50. dan1paredes says:


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