Learn Fly Tying Intermediate Lesson 1 The Texas Rose Muddler with David Cammiss

Fly Tying Intermediate Lesson 1. This lesson shows what you need and how to make your own fishing flies. In this fly tying tutorial Dave demonstrates a ‘Texas Rose’.

25 comments on “Learn Fly Tying Intermediate Lesson 1 The Texas Rose Muddler with David Cammiss
  1. 724flyfisher says:

    Very good vedio, thanks.

  2. hughgareth says:

    I frequently fish at Hury, the other anglers swear by the Kate Maclaren pattern, I had no idea what it even looked like at the time so simply nodded and smiled politely.
    Have you got time perhaps to show how ti tie one?
    Many thanks for all your good work.

  3. NYmosVids says:

    what materials did you use? thanks.

  4. mclivetough1 says:

    Thank you Mr.Cammiss, Wathching you videos tought me alot. I am a better tier now that I have watched your videos. I have just started to tying about a year ago. I have tied alot of flies and my friends that I go fishing with like alot of my flies. Thank you for being on here you should me alot of stuff.

  5. TomHWJr says:

    Just subscribed but have ben a fan for a while. Thanks Dave for you all your enjoyable and clear demonstrations. Look forward to many more. This is a great variant of the muddler, thanks

  6. calibuso23 says:

    thanks..now i know how to do it :)…good luck 🙂

  7. 2DEZFUL says:

    one of the best fly tying instructional videos, the instructions are very clear, comprehensive and well paced for the beginner.


  8. skipperfox007 says:

    Hi David, I’ve actually tied this fly and found it quite easy good looking fly very effective
    keep doing the videos they are much appreciated to new tyers like myself. Alan

  9. oldbloke135 says:

    @platter4 It’s not wire, it’s braid. On videos where he uses wire he breaks it off.

  10. platter4 says:

    i cringed when he cut the wire with the tip of the scissors

  11. lilN12 says:

    i really hate these advertisements for bands

  12. bottomvibe says:

    if i actually saw a bug that looked like that, i’d run back to camp and drink beer … that is a colorful fly ,,, must be good for springtime runoff with not so clear water,

    this is good stuff maynard.

  13. chrissept21 says:

    WOOWOWOWOW i allways wonderd how they did that with the deer hair

    id liek to do one and show my friends grandfather i think he would like it

  14. madaboottroot says:

    he tied the daddy longlegs on one video and the sedge on another, they are both DRY FLIES.

  15. daransidoo says:

    Nice Video , nice fly

  16. cohol126 says:

    Hi Mr.Camiss!
    I like your videos alot!
    I know you usually tie these classic flies like for ex.Klinkhammer,Wooly Bugger,Daddy long legs etc. What i would want to see is you tying Saltwater-Pike flies. Its just a suggestion i would be fun to see how they would look.Probably good.
    Greetings from Finland.

  17. vemkanmanlitapa says:

    mr Cammis why do you never ty dryflies?
    would be nice with some videos.


  18. snowboarddude117 says:

    yea if you use halfhitches you pretty much HAVE to use cement but with a whipfinish and cement it just makes you fly last a few more fish

  19. ahp27 says:

    I got the 60$ kit from Cabelas and it came with a good instructional book and dvd. it came with all the basic tools (including a vise) and materials for wet and dry flies. Couple different kinds of hackle and dubbing but enough to start with. like tigerdog said there are a bunch of good vids on youtube to get you going and youll find out its really rewarding to catch a fish on a fly you tied yourself. goodluck!

  20. wardog847 says:

    amen, and great movie.

  21. caneywaney says:

    Nice fly. I perfer a half hitch finish on all my flies but I know most are fond of the whip and may curse me for it. but I never had one come undone. I do use a drop of either head cement or crazy glue to finish the fly end. It’s a lost art.

  22. 1tmag says:

    Good call! fly-fishing is the best 🙂

  23. cradlerian says:

    Am from Shillong in India and to have watch this video of tying a fly is great and very resourcefull Thx. David… and wish you a healthy life ahead. 🙂

  24. Schon2112 says:

    Thank God for YOU Tube and wounderful videos like this and people who Love Tying as much as I do…Been doing it all my life,I was raised like the Movie “A River Runs Thu It”…..FLY RODS ONLY….

  25. albertafisher says:

    caribou works better for me, its finer and denser.

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