Killer Midge Pupa – Fly Tying Lesson Video Tutorial by Curtis Fry

The Blog: Fly tying lesson & fly tying video tutorial. A great midge emerger, larva or pupa fly pattern tied by Curtis Fry.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Detailed instructions for tying an Olive Woolly Bugger Fly.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

27 comments on “Killer Midge Pupa – Fly Tying Lesson Video Tutorial by Curtis Fry
  1. Steven Contreras says:

    Thanks Curtis for sharing?

  2. Dominic Singh says:

    Awsome midge!

  3. Mike Liberty says:

    i also make tons of wooly buggers , but instead of adding wire wrap and
    chenille i use pipe cleaner and it does a great job..?

  4. uplaywithfire says:

    I found that black and olive green are a killer combo and the trout hit it
    really hard.?

  5. outdoorsmanfool says:

    awesome fly cant wait to start making these but i had a question i have
    shaneal like that but the green stuff on it falls off it why is that??

  6. John Harmon says:

    Good technique and as you said there are many ways; very nice variation and
    leaves room to personalize. Good tips and thanks for the contribution to
    those at the vise.?

  7. kgrantmckeown says:

    Great video just picked up tying and this is my first bugger recipe and by
    far the best I have seen. My next fly I tie and learn is going to be the
    bivisible you tie very easy to follow thanks for the great videos! ?

  8. Jakob Szapowal says:

    Great tip for bluegill tie these in sizes 18-22?

  9. jmac0515 says:

    Do you have the hook mounted in the first groove of the vice? I’m trying to
    figure out which sizes work best mounted in the different spots on my
    Dyna-King vise?

  10. Kolbeinn loftsson says:

    næs gæs næs gæs næs gæs næs gæs
    næs gæs næs gæs næs gæs næs gæs
    !!!!!!!! !!!!!!! !!!!!!!! !!!!!!! !!!!!!!! !!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!

  11. PeasantPB says:

    just tied a olive bugger watching this video and it’s one of the best ways
    to tie them and no novice to fly tying love all your tying videos keep up
    the good work

  12. redshaftedflicker says:

    Excellent instruction-especially the technique for breaking the tips off of
    the marabou as well as leaving some bare stem for wrapping the hackle!!

  13. Greyghost680 says:

    I love me some wooly buggers! This is the first fly I learned to tie and as
    you demonstrate–even a wooly bugger can be artfully crafted. Nice job.

  14. Jay Miller says:

    Fan – freakin – tastic!!!

  15. 1stdanblkblt says:

    Awesome description! Very helpful! Thank you.

  16. ImBentley says:

    How many of each fly do you normally tie?

  17. Jay Em says:

    Is it ok to use a size 12 hook with these instructions?

  18. eagles8804 says:

    You Guys are AWESOME. Please post more videos!

  19. Andrew hess says:

    now i know to properly tie in chenille thank you so much

  20. Saul Cervantes says:

    Thanks good information salutations from GDL Mexico.

  21. Chris Coole says:

    Thanks so much for posting this. It’s a great method and very well
    explained. The tip about striping one side of the feather a little more is

  22. tightlinevideo says:

    Yeah! That’s what I like to hear. As the season progresses, try root beer
    colored buggers, the trout just eat ’em up. Guessing they look a lot like
    crayfish. Glad you liked the video.

  23. alexander wojcik says:

    where do u get the bead head

  24. Sam Merriman says:

    This is probably the best fly tying video for a wooly bugger out there. Not
    only is it informational, it creates a wonderful looking fly

  25. L Emery says:

    this is the best video on making these I have found. thanks so much for
    making it. helped me so much as I have been struggling to make nice ones.

  26. arian shervin zonoubi says:

    Fantastic ,,, great work keep it up

  27. tightlinevideo says:

    Glad you – freakin – liked it!!!

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