intro to flycasting with mel krieger

7 comments on “intro to flycasting with mel krieger
  1. Undeworld667 says:


  2. irinajon says:

    Totally agree – Mel is a great teacher. Thanks for posting vids – excellent!

  3. dudemolo23 says:

    best teacher ever!

  4. jasperricca says:

    Mel is a great teacher. Great teachers are born. He’s got it. Thanks Mel.

  5. manifestgtr says:

    absolutely amazing instructor….right up there with Joan and Fran in my book…this guy has an amazing outlook on the double haul…I know how to double haul now because of him….if you watch his videos and really absorb his knowledge, you will be a fine, artful fly caster in no time flat…the fact of the matter is, fly casting is basic physics and with the right instructor (like Mel) anyone can do it

  6. lineshooter5w says:

    You are a good teacher Mel. Nice diagrams and examples, and you have a pleasant voice,and a good cameraman!

  7. dwm10251 says:

    Get my award for editing.

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