Flycasting by FFF Master Instructor Christopher Rownes Location: River Doubs, France/Switzerland a FLY-FOCUS production shot and directed by Marcus Sies
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  1. Grant Rutherford says:

    Do you mean? leader?

  2. trota fario says:

    this is called launch! many compliments regards? john

  3. brennanryan89 says:

    hahah how epic is? this music!

  4. mcskruffles says:

    hey there chris I absolutely love this video. I got to say it is Inspiring to see someone able to cast with such precision and excellence. I’m a first year spey caster but a longtime single hand caster. and watching your form, technique, and your stops are all right on. keep it up! maybe one day you can make a trip to alska and we can do some monster coho salmon fishing it’d be nice to fish with someone else that actually knows how to use a flyrod. how might? I become sponsored by LOOP tackle?

  5. Patrick O'Callaghan says:

    @JonEirikBrobak that was a bit of an exaggeration, but we all know that it’s harder to cast bulky flies. I want to see casting being done by someone who is actually? trying to catch a fish, not someone whipping a bare leader around.

  6. JonEirikBrobak says:

    why? would he want a 10 inch streamer on the end?

  7. TheBgcheez says:

    If the? balance feels good as is don’t change. Larger diameter line in smaller eyelets may degrade the line but not for awhile.

  8. TheBgcheez says:

    He needs a better rod, to many false casts to gain the distance in this vid?

  9. BrowseMyChannel says:

    Great video.Can anyone tell what the? title of the music is?

  10. pattickification says:

    Okay, now let’s? see him do it with a 10 inch streamer on the end…

  11. slofr8dan says:


  12. zorrgal says:

    Some rods works better with higher classed lines. Try and if? it works for you it´s ok.
    I know people that use lines up to two classes higher then the rod because it works better for them.

  13. SK88RR5 says:

    I have a? fly reel that came with 6 weight fly line and i have a 5weight fly rod, should i change the line or would it be ok?

  14. Homewatersfyfishing says:

    what? song is this? Awesome video!

  15. piotrek08pl says:

    Its? Nara E S Posthumus

  16. mariston82 says:

    The? best shoots guys!!1

  17. ghettoflyfishing says:

    Thanks Chris. Nice website as? well.

  18. THALIDO says:

    Is it still SA making the? new lines?

  19. THALIDO says:

    Thanks Chris. Have the Evotec 9ft for a 5 F. Rio Gold is good on it? as is the Multi in a 5, when you get a bit more line out.

  20. chcaster says:

    Hi Talido,

    Evotec 85 fantastic for? small river

    Evotec 140 Fantastic with the Evotec 590 fast.


  21. THALIDO says:

    Hi Chris. Have you been sent any of the new loop lines? to try?

  22. CanadianFlyFisher says:

    Bullet? loop!!

  23. albatross130 says:

    That is the? Perfect Loop
    kindest of regards and keep it up

  24. MsGusfly says:

    Great casting!?

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