Hywel Morgan Salmon Rod Battle.

Hywel Morgan tells us the difference between using a spey rod and line and a shooting head rod and line. The choice is yours but this quick guide will give you a good insight. If your a beginner Salmon basher or a seasoned river dweller, Take a look at both methods. Filmed and produced by BEARLEFT.TV
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Video Rating: 4 / 5

15 comments on “Hywel Morgan Salmon Rod Battle.
  1. VildmarkBushcraft says:

    Can you buy a speyrod and use shootingheads on it? To do underhand cast?


  2. HMFlyFishing says:

    Mayfly both rods are Scott McKenzie’s?

  3. mayfly36 says:

    Hi Hywel. Love the vids, but tell? me what make are the salmon rods in the video?

  4. HMFlyFishing says:

    Hi Bigwhite Tiger
    No problem there? will be more vids loaded every week so keep watching

  5. BigWhiteTiger1 says:

    Thanks for making this webcast Hywel. Great? advice!

  6. horian11 says:

    cred ca wiesana are vanzari? mai mari datorita melodiei.melodia este superba

  7. zizoux16 says:

    da? Wiesana…da nu gasesc piesa sa o downloadez . ma poate ajuta cineva?

  8. eoeoeoify says:

    Me too:))))))

  9. plagas23 says:

    si pe? mine m-a adus tot wiesana:)

  10. FlaviusBV says:

    @KamikazeDimi yeah .. me too :))?

  11. MeVsWaffle says:

    @KamikazeDimi? Me too lol

  12. ahilepeleianul says:

    @KamikazeDimi yeah, me too. Great song? indeed :))))))))))

  13. KamikazeDimi says:

    Great song! Wiesana? commercial brought me here.

  14. leanovak669 says:

    thank you!?

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