How to Fly fishing for trout with spinning gear

You can fly fish with your spinning rod and reel. Sometimes Trouts are beyond your fly casting range. You can easily reach the distance by casting a water filled bubble. if you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
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25 comments on “How to Fly fishing for trout with spinning gear
  1. rahmanjoy says:

    Thank? you so much.

  2. rahmanjoy says:

    This? is composed by the Apple garage Band. Thanks.

  3. unodinocs uno says:

    Great demo?

  4. chromeNM says:

    Great video….Awesome music….Great tips. THX….By the way what is that song I can’t get it out of my? head!

  5. dieselwarriordotcom says:

    Thank you very much, I cant wait to? get the gear I need and give it a try!

  6. rahmanjoy says:

    Hi Yaylol37, I think the adjust-a-bubble is the best, it? acts like weight and bobber same time.

  7. yaylol37 says:

    can you use a different? bobber

  8. thePuckman4 says:

    where? were u fishing

  9. ATeamAnglers says:


  10. Artamentous says:

    I do this as well, but I don’t use the beads or swivel, how come you? do? I just twist on the bubble, run the line about 5-7 feet below it and throw on a fly. I haven’t been doing it long though, but I definitely do better. The last time I went fishing, they stopped eating at the surface after mid morning, so I threw on a trina’s copper stonefly. Holy crap every cast was a catch as long as I occasionally popped the rod.

    Do you ever use this setup for indicator nymphing, or dry flies on rivers?

  11. rahmanjoy says:


  12. K4kashiSensei says:

    nice? video and music!

  13. whatsyours1 says:

    That type of bobber is great when fish are suspended. Just add enough? water so it doesn’t sink all the way to the bottom.

  14. hattrickster33 says:

    lol this would make all the? purists out there flip their shit

  15. ryanjofre says:

    People take trout for granted mostly out of pure(understandable) ignorance. They’re a truly magnificent species.

    Fly fisherman that don’t keep at least one rapala type lure and one *spinner* on them are fools. Sometimes the trout will only bite on a rapala IME or a panther martin and not the best of flies.
    Keeping a lil powerbait trout dough and some samon eggs is also very wise. I’ve never had a native brown bite a salmon egg but Rainbows some days? are crazy for it.
    Jah bless brother.

  16. rahmanjoy says:

    Thank you so? much for your helpful informative comment.

  17. ryanjofre says:

    Hey mang,

    Sweet video and bad ass cast @ 1:15 . Yeah, I buy these floats from the Evil Empire Wal-mart! They’re even made in the USA. Twist em and they’re good.

    We rig up like this sometimes just because we aren’t fly fisherman and sometimes they wont bite on a Rapala but they will bite a fly and vice-versa! With a really thin and strong line like 4lb Berkley fireline I can tie my main line right on? to the fly.

    Rainbows and especially native Browns are the fish of the gods!

  18. gatchel1990 says:

    What? kind of rod, reel and line do u use

  19. rahmanjoy says:

    Thank? you too.

  20. TrueResonance says:

    This was a cool video to? watch, thanks for posting it!

  21. canyonero1000 says:

    People in BC? are spoiled by the natural beauty around them

  22. Soar56 says:

    Ya I should have specified that I was looking for a how to fly fish vid,? but found yours and learned a few tricks to use flies and floats on a spinning rod.

  23. rahmanjoy says:

    Thank you for your comment. It is really not a fly fishing. Its just a technique? to use fly with spinning gear. It will help you to cast far away where you can’t reach with fly rod and offer the trout your fly.
    Have nice catch.

  24. Soar56 says:

    Great Vid, I hike Lynn Canyon frequently and have seen people(possibly you) fly? fishing there. I have been wanting to learn how to fly fish for some time now. This vid has really helped me out. Thanks!

  25. rahmanjoy says:

    It is Rice Lake, North? Vancouver, BC, Canada.

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