Gary Scott Fly Casting

Top fly casting expert and game angling guide Gary Scott demonstrated the correct way to cast with a salmon rod using four distinct techniques.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

22 comments on “Gary Scott Fly Casting
  1. MrTonkacat says:

    This man is an Artist with that rod.

  2. lighthouscolor says:

    What a beautiful video. The best documentary ever of a man immersed in his natural surroundings. I watch this before I go out and practice with my fly rod. What an inspiration!

  3. legitlaxer00 says:

    will be visiting queenstown for 3-4 weeks in march and was wondering if the north or south island is better for big browns. i will be based out of queensland and hiking and camping all over the south island

  4. TheMorrocomole says:

    nice u r good at that

  5. MrYeti12 says:

    love it!! and the reel and rod

  6. riverrat291 says:

    once again a great clip

  7. strictlyhunt says:

    what a beautiful brown keep it up!

  8. TTHunta says:

    very nice indeed

  9. NoSacraficeNoVictory says:

    i with ya on that!

  10. starnberg123 says:

    excellent video and great casting too..cant wait for spring here in Europe!
    keep up the good work!

  11. thjism says:

    hey what type of camera and editing program did you use for the “once in a blue moon” video if you dont mind me asking… also great video I really enjoyed it

  12. Bumcast says:

    Hey thanks! – glad you enjoy them

  13. 63yogi says:

    You guys make the best fishing videos. The framing, music, angles etc all so perfect. The casting, fisinig and locations are also superb. There are a lot of lame documentaries out there from other ‘professionals’.

  14. troutbum86 says:

    Browns are terrible fighters, stick with salmon buddy. Even the sea run browns after a jump or two are like reeling in rubber boots.

  15. takehirano says:


  16. poopycrapdog says:

    This is great! i wish i could catch big trout like that.. i’m just a young angler and new to fly fishing, i mostly fish for atlantic salmon. Great video!

  17. Bumcast says:

    But it’s hard to get a shot that you guys will love without a little lift!
    All those fish where effectively out of the water for a couple of seconds. If we couldn’t do it, it wasn’t done 🙂

  18. zZzlinc3zZz says:

    amazing, but when catching and releasing, try and hold the trout with gills at least 25{3295056c9ca42e03df4d94feaac0847f4dfe1a41b9bfdb90d7a726607f8c5ffa} covered.

  19. Oleee94 says:

    can you uppload videos where you teaches how to fish in quiet water, not in rivers? beautiful video!

  20. tightlines42 says:

    Beautiful! Very well done.

  21. Bumcast says:

    Be sure to select “Watch in high quality” at the bottom right hand corner under the clip. Right under “Views”

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