Flycasting – Doublehand casting, just fooling around

Just fooling around with the rod and line during the making of a new instructinal DVD about Doublehand casting. This is just for fun, nothing instructinal about this…
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16 comments on “Flycasting – Doublehand casting, just fooling around
  1. NWReiner says:

    How long is the shooting head on the cast that starts at 15 seconds? That is an amazing cast because of how far in front of you the fly lands to make the? anchor, yet the loop is amazingly tight.

  2. fmargentina says:

    There’s a very nice, tight-looped single spey? at 00:15

  3. fiskalax says:

    Fint klipp! Besök? gärna min blogg om Lilla Edets laxfiske – ett av Sveriges bästa laxfisken!
    Patrik Boox

  4. TellisKatsogiannos says:

    No, I think there are doing alright. However, I not “Loop soldier” any? more.

  5. TellisKatsogiannos says:

    When I fish I always use the single spey. If I can do it? Well, take a look? at my other clips and you will be the judge of that… 😉

  6. TellisKatsogiannos says:

    Yupp,? I know… But there are still fun to do sometimes! 🙂

  7. rolfabcd1 says:

    All that fancy moves scares the shit out of the fish?

  8. fistle says:

    maybe if the blank of the rod was a little faster the cast? would be easier….have LOOP gone bust yet?

  9. fistle says:

    what ever happened to a single? spey cast? Cant you do it?

  10. NWReiner says:

    Thanks? Bro- sweet loops!

  11. TellisKatsogiannos says:

    I am using a Loop 11´6 #9 rod with a floating Custom shooting? head.

  12. NWReiner says:

    awesome casting- what line? rod??

  13. Grayfisher1 says:

    Snyggt mera!!?

  14. TellisKatsogiannos says:

    Hehe, jag har fått? lax i den poolen! Men inte i samband med filmningen.. 😛

  15. jonazmedZ says:

    snygga? kast men lycka till att få en lax att hugga i den poolen 😀

  16. moblhad says:

    Riktigt snyggt Tellis, vad har du för grejer?


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