Fly Tying with Ryan- BASS Worm

For materials visit our Webstore: Nevermind the silly accent and the off centered camera view, this fly works. It works especially …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

A version of the popular “Silver Stout” salmon fly. Excellent fly for all salmon rivers! For you online shopping –

19 comments on “Fly Tying with Ryan- BASS Worm
  1. fishing523 says:

    Looks like a good? fly

  2. TheOhioSportsman says:

    Such? an awesome fly. Great job!

  3. angelo69jes says:

    That look’s like? a killer fly around here. Nice job!

  4. ReddlemanX says:

    Nice job, Ryan. I learned a lot from watching you. I especially liked the way you furled? the tail. Using the vise to creat the marabou tail was new to me also. Well done.

  5. T.J. Mckern says:

    Great fly? what’s the biggest fish u caught on it

  6. Hans Stephenson says:

    It is estaz. That seems? to work best

  7. Nick Hentschel says:

    is that purple shit just chenille???

  8. impulse120291 says:

    then mute it,? faggot.

  9. JWBrewtiful says:

    I’d recommend that you? forego making videos with the sniffles. No one appreciates that in their ears. Otherwise, great fly.

  10. Tommy Outdoorsiowa says:

    That’s just too easy! Don’t worry, the best tiers on you tube have some kind of an? accent (except Hans).

  11. dturner05 says:

    I’ve tied alot? of different flies like this, I’d use a hook with a larger gap for these.

  12. Tim Bemisderfer says:

    Really? well done Ryan. Thanks for sharing.

  13. GhostFishSlayer says:

    I use a similar technique to tie worms for steelhead. I really like? the marabou tail and will try it in my flies. Cool Fly!!

  14. flytyerman says:

    cool, i never new uou could make marrabou into a hackle,?

  15. Ryan Frick says:

    Could you do these in HD also? Love the warmwater patterns. Do you have any for smallmouth, white bass,walleye, pike, and muskie?? Not sure whats around there.

  16. sasquatch446 says:


  17. Hans Stephenson says:

    Not too many actually. I have watched largemouth? eat this fly and they suck the whole thing in. They usually take it on the pause between strips.

  18. Gaeron Friedrichs says:

    Do you ever find yourself getting? short-strikes?

  19. blackwaterhackles says:

    hi great fly any chance of adding pay pal to your site so ireland customers can order, also? your fox fur looks great but different is it body fur or tail fur?

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