Fly Tying with Hans- Murdich Minnow

The Murdich Minnow originated as a pattern for striped bass, but has proved itself as a fantastic freshwater fly for smallmouth bass, northern pike, and muskies.
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Not an easy fly to tie but a great fly to fish! From wild Brownies to sea trout and salmon, this fly will get them all. *DISCLAIMER* The Image seen at the beginning is from All credit for the Image goes to Troutnut. is in no way associated with Totally Fly Tying.

18 comments on “Fly Tying with Hans- Murdich Minnow
  1. 5adamjb says:

    I like? that technique with the bucktail.

  2. TotallyFlyTying says:

    Hi Steven,
    The vice I use is a cheap one I bought off eBay. I wouldn’t recommend it as the jaws rattles around when winding thread on so you have? to keep the screw knob at the end tight meaning you must loosen it before you can rotate the vice. I will be buying a ‘Snowbee Fly Mate’ when I have money so would recommend this.
    Hope this helps,
    Best regards,

  3. A7xRIPtheREV1 says:

    Hi David

    A very nice wet fly there and very well tied, i was also wondering what type of vise you are using it looks like the rotatable regent vise, would you be able to send me a link to the website you bought it from as i badly need? a vise as i am using a kit vise that i got for my christmas
    Keep the vids coming
    do you fish in the galloway hills by any chance?
    ATB Steven

  4. TheBoobyBasher says:

    Lovely fly, igore the coments there bsically saying tht Davie makes videos here on youtube and whatever he says or does, you’re not allowed to do, but the whole point in Davies videos is so that? people can lear off of him, he woudn’t take time out of his own life to make videos which you’re not allowed to copy out of and catch onto tips – PS – Try an Alexandrina with a blck sels fur body and mirage rib….

  5. zofoblues says:

    Awesome fiy ty for? doing this one,

  6. TheFlymanJim says:

    Hi David,
    This is another great video. I understand your frustration with the negative comments. Davie McPhail is a great fly tier. And I’m sure he’ll agree that you are just as good! Besides? you may have viewers that don’t watch his, as I’m sure I have viewers that don’t watch them either. The point is we are all willing to share our knowledge with the world and if they think it is easy then let them buy a DVD and see what that gets them! Keep up the good work!

  7. TotallyFlyTying says:

    Hi Alan,
    Many thanks for taking the time to write that, I really appreciate it!
    I understand in this world? you can’t please everyone, but you sure as heck can try!
    Best Regards,

  8. skipperfox007 says:

    Hi David, very nice video, great fly and well tied, please ignore the negative comments as in the scheme of things they don’t matter, I always? appreciate the time and effort you put into your tying as do all your friends, so keep producing videos for our entertainment, I look forward to your next production. Regards Alan

  9. mick7662492 says:

    Nicely tied ? David, grand looking fly, pay no attention to the negative comments, there is always a muppet who thinks he knows it all. Thanks for showing us your variation and keep up the good work.

  10. TotallyFlyTying says:

    Hi Philie,
    Thank you your kind and encouraging words! I? really appreciate them!
    Glad you liked the fly!
    Best Regards,

  11. philieyaya says:

    another great wee fly davie don’t listen 2 the bad comments if they don’t? like your flys why bother watching your vids keep up the good work atb philie

  12. McBeever2k9 says:

    Hi? David,
    Brilliant as always! keep em coming!

  13. TotallyFlyTying says:

    Hi Steve!
    Thanks for that comment mate!
    I’ve gone JC mad ever since I got my cape…
    Glad You liked it? and thanks for the kind words!
    Best regards,

  14. TotallyFlyTying says:

    Hi kyle,
    Many Thanks for backing me up there!
    Someone obviously hasn’t been paying attention to the dressing in these flies as mine and Davies are quite different.
    Anyway, It is a great wet fly and will even take Salmon!
    Many, many? thanks for the encouragement – stops me feeling down heartened when I receive a comment like the one below! Much Appreciated!
    Glad you like it and whither some people like it or not, there will be more videos to come!
    Best Regards,

  15. TotallyFlyTying says:

    So just because Davie McPhail puts a pattern on YouTube no one else in the YouTube community is allowed to post that pattern. Some how I think not!
    Davie does say that it would be an excellent wet fly and it would be so why not saythat? Just because Davie says that no one can say it?
    As for a remake. Its? a remake apart from a lot of things.
    I’ve made a list of those things:
    Red Marabou
    Silver Wire
    Silver HOLOGRAPHIC tinsel
    ONE split JC eye
    RED Holo in wing!

    Very different now, isnt it!

  16. madaboottroot says:

    Hi David,

    you just tied my all time favourite wet fly and well tied it was! And don’t listen to the negative comments, they should just be happy you are making a video and offering help! Don’t let anyone put you down mate, great vid and well tied! Can’t wait for the next one!

    Best regards,


  17. interyermaw1314 says:

    just a remake of Davie McPhails Alexandra video you changed 2 things and even copied him with saying once? the hackles on that be a good fly itself

  18. Steveco36 says:

    Nice tying? mate, and nice touch with the JC! .

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