Fly Tying with Dave Gamet- Using a Rotating Whip Finisher

How to use a rotating (matarelli style) whip finisher by Dave Gamet of Dakota Angler & Outfitter.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Tying the Alexandra (Variant) Wet Fly by Davie McPhail
Video Rating: 5 / 5

25 comments on “Fly Tying with Dave Gamet- Using a Rotating Whip Finisher
  1. DavieMcPhail says:

    Hi Luke Hogan,

    Yes you can tye this fly on 12s and 14s and you can even catch a salmon on these sizes so I would tye it from this size up. I would say though the most popular sizes are 12s, 10s, 8s and 6s..

    All? the best Davie

  2. Luke Hogan says:

    hi davie i have a few questions, wat size hook do? i tie this on for salmon? and can i tie this fly on size 12 or 14 hooks ??
    regards Luke hogan

  3. MrZedonepilot says:

    Lovely fly? and a pleasure to see and hear this video.Thnkyou for taking the time to put these videos up!

  4. DavieMcPhail says:

    Hi rasputination,

    This pattern is a swinging fly on the rivers and pulled on the lochs for seatrout, rainbows and brown trout, I would say it would catch fish? anywhere as it is a great all round fly..

    All the best Davie

  5. rasputination says:

    Nice fly, and great instruction – thanks! How do? you fish this? Is it a swinging fly, or do you drift it?

  6. Ghillie999 says:

    I will try this pattern out? on a Walleye and Northern Pike river near my house. Hope it works.



  7. DavieMcPhail says:

    Hi? dustinsflytying,

    I have sent you a link to the varnish I use…Have a Happy New Year..ATB Davie

  8. dustinsflytying says:

    Hi Davie,
    this? is a great fly Davie! what kind of varnish do you use? can liquitex matte varnish be used on flies? I allways use head cement but would like to start using varnish.

  9. DavieMcPhail says:

    Hi frankrn,

    The only? fish that I haven’t caught with this fly is a Salmon but I’m very sure it will, It was banned from some rivers when it first came out many years ago because it was so successful..

    All the best Davie

  10. frankrn says:

    can? this fly be fished for salmon, steelhead and trout?

  11. huntmaster201 says:


  12. DavieMcPhail says:

    Hi Thomas(huntmaster201),

    I buy most of my Jungle Cock off ebay, you just have to look closely at the feathers and make sure that they are not split..If you see one? send me a link and I’ll have a look at it for you..

    All the best Davie

  13. huntmaster201 says:

    Great fly! I? want to tie this, but I can’t find any jungle cock. I’ve looked all over, but no one sells it. Where do you get yours?

  14. cody gould says:

    You’re really good i started tying a year ago and I’m hoping to be? just as good as you!:)

  15. xonflame says:

    Beautiful? Davie – PURE MAGIC MATE !

  16. md50md says:

    Dave: Thank You? for the great video’s. I am new to tying and your video’s are great help. Mine may not look as good as yours but you make it fun. Thanks Again

  17. urbanflyman36 says:

    a great fly for nights Ive stayed a little into the dark on the kelvin and its got me a couple of sea trout in the 2lb range which? for this river is good although Ive seen much bigger.
    I’m sitting making a list of the flies from your videos to tie for this season and looking forward to getting right back into the tying again and your videos are inspiration for all classes of flee tiers ,,,thanks ever so much for them all.

  18. DavieMcPhail says:

    Hi Alan,

    I’m glad you liked the fly..The sword tail feathers are from the bottom of the tail and not from the eye of the larger? tail feathers…..

    All the best Davie

  19. skipperfox007 says:

    Hi Davie, what a superb fly, you really are a perfectionist your attention to detail is without equal,? the peacock sword you use is that the feather with the eye or another one, another great video. Regards Alan

  20. Kyle Crossan says:

    Excellent variant, well done, this is my personal favourite? wet fly especially for the wild brownies!

  21. bodrhanbert says:

    Hello Davie, you brought? back the joy of tying for me! Thank you for that and lots of luck, health ahd happyness to you and your loved ones in the new year!
    Keep up the good work!

  22. finny025 says:

    Thanks Davie, enjoying all the video’s, please please keep ’em coming all the tips are excellent and very easy to follow.All my gear has come out of? storage and i’m back tying again.

    Many thanks

  23. DavieMcPhail says:

    You’re? welcome Robert…

  24. Sniper3100 says:

    Davie – Thanks so very much for your videos!! I can’t get enough of them. You rock! All the best? – Robert Hunter

  25. DavieMcPhail says:

    Hi smithmccrum,

    Sorry I’ll? not get a chance to come over, glad you like the fly…

    All the best Davie

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