Fly tying video: chironomid midge pupa

Barrett from the Caddis Fly ties a chironomid midge pupa, a great stillwater trout pattern for the Oregon lakes fishing. For more fly fishing videos, check out

8 comments on “Fly tying video: chironomid midge pupa
  1. PHIXTup says:

    nice shopping cart!

  2. snolover84 says:

    There are many ways

    1. A floating Line with a strike indicator (My Fav)
    2. Floating Line it self
    3. Wet Lines

  3. 3triplexxx says:

    Strip it to the surface . Or you can make one without the beadhead and twitch it under the surface film.

  4. snowboarddude117 says:

    how are you suposed to fish this fly in still water?

  5. tatermart says:

    Very good video. Good information. A little too much background noise.

  6. Husker234 says:

    Love the shopping cart! Reminds me of my tying room…..shared with the kids 🙂

  7. eagleflies2 says:

    stop moving the camera

  8. jacquesjfcc says:


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