Fly Tying, SaltWater Striper fly. (Part 1)

Hey guys Im Joe,This is a deadly Baitfish fly for stripers and blues along the east coast its very similar to an Enrico Puglisi fly but not exactly the same. Its tied with Steve Farrar’s fiber. Tight lines…check out parts 2 and 3.
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7 comments on “Fly Tying, SaltWater Striper fly. (Part 1)
  1. dandotreillydot42058 says:

    @JoeConEd wow, thats early. i havnt gone yet. no time? 🙁

  2. JoeConEd says:

    @dandotreillydot42058 yea def did it started march? 23 catch and release

  3. dandotreillydot42058 says:

    @JoeConEd central Long island. did u start the season? yet?

  4. JoeConEd says:

    @dandotreillydot42058 no i? dont i live in the Bronx you?

  5. JoeConEd says:

    @dandotreillydot42058 yea its great to start with but once u get the hang of making flies and ur making them well you should upgrade the vise to one that rotates 360 keep all the tools from the kit but a new vise is key..and well worth it. check out my other videos? to see my new vise!

  6. dandotreillydot42058 says:

    @JoeConEd i own the same cabelas box and? kit

  7. dandotreillydot42058 says:

    @JoeConEd? do you live on long island

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