Fly Tying: Fast Foam Bass Bug Fly

A simple layered foam fly popper for Bass. | The Micro Mayfly is a slim bodied mayfly nymph imitation. The Micro Mayfly can be tied in several different colors, such as red, olive, brown, yellow and ruby. The most common Micro May colors are olive and brown, since these are the natural mayfly colors. The stripped peacock herl sets this fly apart from all others. The peacock has a natural sheen, a thin profile, natural segmentation and realistic color variations. The Micro Mayfly is a incredibly good match to the real thing!

15 comments on “Fly Tying: Fast Foam Bass Bug Fly
  1. William B Tedrick says:

    Generally the fly gets beat up so bad if it works well that the whole fly is trashed after? a couple of good days on the water.. Foam flys are cheap and easy to make so make plenty to spare..

  2. T.J. Mckern says:

    Will the legs? fall out

  3. T.J. Mckern says:

    I like to use this? for a popper dropper

  4. stevevks says:

    Nice simple? looking popper.

  5. William B Tedrick says:

    Yes these types of foam? poppers work as well or maybe a little better then traditional hardbody poppers. But the nicest thing about foam poppers is they are easy, fast and cheap to make.

  6. flippintheweeds says:

    deos it work make a vid?

  7. fishboycole97 says:

    sick? man.

  8. cgimickalo says:

    Ok thanks. Tied a couple “experimental” ones today just to see how it looks. They actually? came out not too bad. gonna try’em out tomorrow.


  9. William B Tedrick says:

    I usually cut it bigger then I need it at first. I dry fit it to the body then cut it closer to size before gluing. With foam and superglue you get one shot? at it because the foam sets up on contact. It is easier to leave the foam oversize and trim it after gluing to keep the fly even and balanced.

  10. cgimickalo says:

    now that’s a neat popper style. 🙂 How wide do you normally cut that first piece of foam that’s folder over on top ?


  11. bugg255 says:

    gr8 vid..hobowta? weedless mouse??

  12. fireworksman1919 says:

    Damn thats pretty easy i bought one? like that at a shop just like that for 15 bucks

  13. TheHunterman1994 says:

    Thats? AWSOME. Nice fly too

  14. warmaster5128 says:

    what size hook??

  15. marusciupi82 says:

    nice job mate!:)

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