Fly Fishing Tips for Fly Casting : How to Fly Cast a Perfect Loop

Every fly fisherman wants to fly cast a perfect loop. Understanding these terms and applying them to your cast. Cast a perfect loop using the fly casting tips in this free video on fly fishing. Expert: Ron Lauzon Bio: Ron Lauzon is a certified fly fishing instructor and guide who owns and operates Ron Lauzons Fly Fishing School and Pioneer Guide Services. Filmmaker: Adam Meckel
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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14 comments on “Fly Fishing Tips for Fly Casting : How to Fly Cast a Perfect Loop
  1. Bagjo123 says:

    @aced8800 well your kinda anoying to ?

  2. MegaUsername12321 says:

    thank you soooo much

  3. ctedone says:

    Pretty worthless video. Zoomed in too tight, and the dude is pretty annoying.

    Practice on your lawn, or in the park. Wait to feel the rod ‘load’ (after lots of practice, you will understand what that means) and accelerate to a stop. You will get the feel, and one day it will just click. You will still obviously throw lousy casts now and then, but you will know when and why.

  4. radlations says:

    I did not learn much from this video.

  5. Grayfisher1 says:

    Check out the grayfisher1 for advanced casting

  6. aced8800 says:

    you fail old man

  7. LilDas187 says:

    your gay

  8. redshaftedflicker says:

    Thanks for the info. Now time to start practicing!

  9. mhmmfrankyy says:


  10. Bumcast says:

    @CEAChris Hey thanks for that! – I guess there’s just no accounting for taste :-))

  11. CEAChris says:

    This is gold, thanks a lot! Can’t believe it has so few views compared to some of the other how to cast videos and don’t show much of anything. 5 stars and favorited!

  12. Bumcast says:

    @dashwood123 It depends entirely on what is causing it, and I go over this in the full DVD. The most common causes are:
    1/ Too much power too early in the stroke,
    2/ Too narrow a casting arc for the amount of line out past the rod tip
    – often both.

  13. dashwood123 says:

    What is the fix for the concave path?

  14. AImosTskater44 says:

    FIRST! lol

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