Fly Fishing Tips for Fly Casting : Fly Casting: Spey Casting

Spey casting a fly rod is perfect for locations where there is limited back cast room. Spey cast a fly rod using the fly casting tips in this free video on fly fishing. Expert: Ron Lauzon Bio: Ron Lauzon is a certified fly fishing instructor and guide who owns and operates Ron Lauzons Fly Fishing School and Pioneer Guide Services. Filmmaker: Adam Meckel
Video Rating: 4 / 5

From the DVD “Lessons with Lefty,” available at Lessons with Lefty covers over 20 individual lessons to help fly fishermen solve casting problems and improve their skills. Lefty Kreh is America’s foremost teacher of fly fishing techniques and is known around the world as an innovator in fly fishing and fly tying.

11 comments on “Fly Fishing Tips for Fly Casting : Fly Casting: Spey Casting
  1. mokaey says:

    work that rod! (lol)

  2. ommaigod says:

    Excellent instruction. This is the fifth spey video I’ve seen, and it’s clear and CONCISE.

  3. strangled1 says:

    Great video, thanks very much… my first salmon rod today, seemed like a telegraph pole at first, and if I’m honest, I cast it like one…..but this vid really helped….a lot less, is a lot more!
    tight lines fella

  4. ultra187 says:


    DW BC Canada

  5. Liltailchaser says:

    That’s a Belgium cast.

  6. LordDigz12 says:

    Belgian Loop

  7. stimo999 says:

    this vid is the best ive seen on youtube so far thanks for setting a few things right in my head A++++++++++++++ vid a must for all fly fisher men

  8. playerz90210 says:

    That is a very nice looking reel.

  9. geekslayerinc says:

    Thanks Lefty.
    I had purchased a #9 w/ wtd line and was practicing catching Land Sharks. (Asphalt parking lot and a puddle). I was trying to cast the weighted line as if it were a floating line. This fast action rod has been in the closet for the last three years. Your explanation makes sense and has instantly corrected my mis-perception. I’ll be pulling the 10-footer out in a few hours. I’ll report back and let you know of my success and how easy it should have been three years ago.

  10. pugilist102 says:

    He makes this look so easy!

  11. speyday69 says:

    This really helped me a lot. ! Thanks, I almost destroyed my rod and skull trying to figure it out on my own.

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