Fly Fishing Tips for Fly Casting : Fly Casting: Overhead Casting

Overhead casting a fly rod can be done in two directions, forward and backward. Learn how to overhead cast a fly rod using the fly casting tips in this free video on fly fishing. Expert: Ron Lauzon Bio: Ron Lauzon is a certified fly fishing instructor and guide who owns and operates Ron Lauzons Fly Fishing School and Pioneer Guide Services. Filmmaker: Adam Meckel
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10 comments on “Fly Fishing Tips for Fly Casting : Fly Casting: Overhead Casting
  1. gravesgravy says:


  2. gravesgravy says:


  3. AlexStidham says:

    0:00 to skip ads. Thumbs up please.

  4. Hertsman50 says:

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  5. phoobarr says:

    screw these vids with vids (commercials) in the front.

  6. zlolt says:

    Very proficient, little hard to follow at first, very good technique though. Perhaps, and speaking from the armchair is easy so forgive me, demonstrating a full motion after breaking each step down would be helpful. Again very good form. Thank you.

  7. sinnimneb says:

    he knows what hes talking about…
    thats about it!

  8. maxieTB says:

    lol if you cant do it with your hand you cant do it with a fly rod i how he wasnt talking about wanking

  9. nachasyo says:

    not to helpful, confusing because you are giving different instructions then any of the other casting directions on youtube

  10. jsguitar says:

    Thanks Man!

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