Fly Fishing Sockeye Salmon on the Kenai River in Alaska

Bulldog Fishing Kenai River July 2007 season Alaska Fly fishing for Sockeye salmon Hosted by Dave and Elaine Long Contact Bulldog Fishing at 1-877-235-3624 or
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10 comments on “Fly Fishing Sockeye Salmon on the Kenai River in Alaska
  1. AnotherMassivePlayer says:

    king salmon too fishy i like sockeye. ya wanna fight go for silvers haha big fights!

  2. tenneseesportsman says:

    @denysimo where i was a few months ago we just drug big hooks through the water with some thread on them…its pretty much snagging but its a legal form of snagging

  3. denysimo says:

    What kind of bait or fly so you use for sockeye???

  4. hitmewiththatcheese says:

    im liking the salmon. go after alaskan king salmon. mmmmmmmm

  5. apstephens97 says:

    im new but pretty cool

  6. LOMPOC35 says:

    What do you mean?

  7. reyramit says:

    Personally, I can’t think of a better guide than Heath. He is cordial, knowledgeable, and willing to help out anyone wanting to fish the Kenai. The fish caught in this video and others attest to the abundance of quality fish that Heath and his friends can put you on. We’re planning for next year to make a trip and visit with him and his family. My wife won’t let me go again without her…hold on guys she’s quite a fisher.

  8. highpockets2532 says:

    He doesn’t know…

  9. sendinthewolfediting says:

    I personally know people who have fished with Heath. He’s very talented and with him you’ll land some beautiful fish. Most of all however, they mentioned how much fun they had, and how knowledgeable and professional Heath was. Have fun!

  10. LOMPOC35 says:

    I had a chance to fish with Heath Fulk owner of Bulldog Fishing for both King Salmon & Sockeye. I had the time of my life. He was a great guide & teacher.

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