Fly Fishing Rainbow Trout Colorado

Fly fishing guide Steve Henderson takes us on a September trip down a private section of the Yampa river outside of Steamboat Springs, Colorado.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Video of a trout inhaling a streamer on a flyfishing trip seconds after it was cast. You can actually see when the fish takes the fly and when the hook is set.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

27 comments on “Fly Fishing Rainbow Trout Colorado
  1. karenrule says:


  2. stevesnaps1 says:

    A great video,some fantastic looking fish and scenery.Steve.

  3. TheTroutman85 says:

    nice take on the streamer….

  4. banaandijkhof says:


  5. jakeplayer23 says:

    this is amazing

  6. mountaineerfan05 says:

    Looks like S. America

  7. 317KRGH says:

    wow i cant wait for streamer fishing this year…yahoo!!

  8. Fisherboyh says:

    where was this at? if you dont mind me asking

  9. 1siemprepensando says:

    haha the sound effects are the icing on the cake. this vid has me wanting to get out on the river… school and snow dictate otherwise 🙁

  10. woo01001 says:

    So why does the video cut out and not show you landing the fish did you loose it? Its cool is you did every fisherman has lost a big fish. Awesome video, just wanted to see it all!

  11. NathanCollie says:

    how big was that guy?

  12. dfd238 says:

    great video, makes me jealous

  13. Zollaganzi says:

    that was sick!! perfect cast, perfect take

  14. sidosido3 says:


  15. 365montana365 says:

    really sweet vid

  16. patio87 says:

    Dude start fishing for small mouth, streamer fishing galore.

  17. iris406 says:

    so sick….exactly how I dream about streamer fishing. Great take on video!

  18. Krisp456 says:

    omg that was a perfect taake that was cool

  19. Laxking31 says:

    it was landed and released

  20. nakomelenas says:


  21. billj500 says:

    where is the rest of this vid, we want to see how it ended! was that a big bull trout?

  22. moretallica says:

    where is that

  23. elkvalleyboy says:

    beutuful water

  24. Biiignymph says:


  25. 870in410 says:

    That is awesome

  26. jmac171 says:

    Im interested to know what fly pattern that was if you are willing to tell? black zonker?

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